Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Hill, Headteacher

Mrs Green, Deputy Head, UKS2, Literacy Leader,

Mrs Butler, SENDco and Teacher

Miss Boden, Foundation Stage & Science Leader

Pastoral Team

Mrs Warren, DSL and Attendance Officer

Mrs Williment, Learning Mentor

Mrs Donaldson, SEND Teacher and Phase 5/6

Office Staff

Mrs Wilson, Office

Mr Johnson, Business Manager

Mrs Welborn-Davies, Office

Foundation Stage

Mrs Hall, Reception Teacher, Art Leader

Maternity Leave

Miss Wilson, Foundation Stage Teacher, Science Leader

Miss Pell, Foundation Stage Support

Mrs Kamga, Foundation Stage Support

Mrs Carey, Foundation Stage Support

Miss Scarlett, Nurture Support

Miss Mantey, Foundation Stage Support

Mrs Wilkinson, Foundation Stage Support

Mrs Wigglesworth, Foundation Stage Support

Key Stage One

Miss Porter, Phase 1/2 Teacher., DT Leader

Mrs Robshaw, Phase 1-2 Support

Miss Dash, Phase 1-2 Support

Mrs Ward, Phase 1-2 Teacher, History Leader

Maternity Leave

Miss Hickling, Phase 1-2 Teacher, Phonics Leader

Mrs Greig, Phase 1-2 Support

Miss Balmforth, Phase 1-2 Support

Miss Rankine, Phase 1-2 Support

Mrs Firth, Nurture Support

Mrs Bambhrah, KS1 Support

Mrs Coulson, Phase 1-2 Support

Lower Key Stage Two

Miss Green, Phase 3-4 Teacher, Computing Leader

Miss Jones, Phase 3-4 Teacher, Geography Leader

Mrs Spence, Phase 3/4 Teacher, PSHE Leader

Mrs Gibney, Phase 3-4 Support

Mrs Hartley, Phase 3-4 Support

Mrs Stewart, Phase 3-4 Support

Mrs Welsh, Phase 3-4 Support, MFL Leader

Upper Key Stage Two

Mr Cookson, Phase 5/6 Teacher, RE Leader

Ms Nichols, Phase 5/6 Teacher, PSHE Leader

Maternity Leave 

Mr Densley, Phase 5-6 Teacher, PE Leader

Miss Keeligan, Phase 5-6 Support

Mrs Bates, Phase 5-6 Support

Mrs Fenton, Phase 5-6 Support, RE Leader

Miss Hooks, Phase 5-6 Support







Miss Plews, Phase 5-6 Teacher

Mrs Doyle, Superintendant & After School Club

Mrs Winstanley, Crossing Patrol

Miss Hanlon, After School Club

Mrs Hocker, Lunchtime Supervisor