School Uniform

At Swarcliffe Primary School, we have high expectations for all our children in everything they do. We believe that a school uniform fosters a sense of identity, belonging and pride and sets an expectation for all to do their best. We are very proud of our uniform and we ask all children to wear our colours. When children take pride in their appearance, we believe it enhances the school experience. We try to encourage our children to take responsibility for their own appearance, to look clean, smart and tidy at all times. 

Please support school and ensure your child/children come to school dressed in the correct uniform every day. Parents/carers of children not wearing school uniform will be contacted by staff to bring in suitable clothing. Spare clothing is kept in school for children who are not wearing uniform. 



Our uniform is...

  • Navy blue or red sweatshirt or cardigan (with or without the school badge).  
  • Red or white polo shirt (with or without the school badge).
  • Grey or black trousers, skirt or pinafore. 
  • Blue and white check or red and white check dress in summer. 
  • Grey or black shorts in summer. 
  • Black shoes or trainers only. Sandals are not permitted. 


Other Items...

  • School bookbag/backpack. 
  • Water bottle (taken home and cleaned regularly). 
  • Coat/jacket appropriate for the weather. 
  • Gloves, scarf and hat for colder weather. 
  • Hat for sunnier weather. 

Our PE Uniform is...

PE is a curriculum lesson and children need to be appropriately dressed. PE lessons take place on a Friday. This is known as Sporty Friday. Every Friday, children should come to school in their PE uniform so they can access the maximum time for their lesson as possible. Fridays are not dress down days and PE uniform should always be worn. 

For safety reasons, parents/carers will be contacted by staff and asked to bring appropriate uniform if children do not wear this. 


  • White t-shirt (with or without the school badge). 
  • Navy blue zip-up hoodie 
  • Navy blue sweatpants in colder weather. 
  • Navy blue shorts in warmer weather. 


Earrings/watches should be removed for PE sessions. Long hair should be tied back. 


  • Earrings - simple studs. Hoop earrings are not permitted due to safety reasons. 
  • Watches - an analogue/digital watch may be worn. Smart watches/fitness trackers are not permitted. 
  • Necklaces, bracelets, rings are not allowed in school. Children will be asked to remove these items and parents informed. 
  • Nail varnish / false nails should not be worn. 
  • Headwear / hairbands are allowed in school and should be appropriate. 


You will be informed of your child's swimming day. On this day they should bring the following: 

  • Swimming costume (no bikinis/tankinis). 
  • Swimming trunks/shorts. 
  • Towel.  


Earrings/watches should be removed for swimming lessons. Long hair should be tied back. 

Where to buy our uniform...

School uniform can be purchased online or in store from

Unbadged (plain) uniform can be purchased at most supermarkets for a reasonable price. Although we like seeing our school badge on uniform, there is no requirement to have this.