Family and Child Support

Improving Outcomes for Children and Families 

Bev Fisher is our Child and Family Support Worker and she is based in school Monday-Friday 8.30am-4.00pm.  Bev has 15 years experience working in primary and secondary schools in East Leeds.  Before joining our team at Swarcliffe in June 2020, Bev worked for Seacroft/Manston Cluster Team for three years as a Child and Family Support Worker and was the Lead Professional for Promoting Positive Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing in Children and Young People.

Most families need support at some time.  Family life isn't easy.  Whether you are a mum, dad, carer, step parent or grandparent, raising children can be the greatest joy in the world, but it can also be challenging!    

It is important to identify as early as possible children and families in needs of support.  

Family Support can work alongside parents/carers looking at:-

  • promoting positive approaches to discipline
  • setting boundaries
  • rewarding positive behaviour and developing positive relationships in the home 
  • talking about what triggers challenging behaviour
  • what the challenges and vulnerabilities in the family are
  • what positive strengths the family has
  • improving sleep routines
  • signposting parents/carers to appropriate agencies to advise or support on issues such as:-
    • housing
    • debt
    • domestic violence
    • anti social behaviour
    • help seeking employment
    • adult mental health support groups in the local area
    • holiday clubs/what's on in the local area

Most importantly, the overall aim is to empower parents/carers to be strong, confident and resilient.  Working with the family to look at what is happening right now to cause concern, helping the family to work out what could happen if things don’t change, and then supporting the family to effect the change needed to improve outcomes for the whole family

If you would like to speak to Bev you can find her on duty outside Year 5/6 entrance to school from 8.50am-9.10am.

You can contact her at school on 0113 2930275 


If you need Urgent Help

If you can not afford to pay for essentials such as food, gas and electric, call Leeds City Council Welfare Support Team.

0113 376 0330

(Weekdays, 9am to 5pm​​, except Wednesdays when we're open from 10am)


If you have nowhere to sleep tonight, or are worried about being homeless in the near future, you can get help from Leeds Housing Options.

Getting Food in an Emergency

To get a referral to a foodbank or an emergency food parcel you need to either:-

Ask to speak to Miss Fisher in school


Phone Leeds City Council on 0113 3760330 (Mon-Fri 9.00am-5.00pm)   

Upcoming Events in the Community

 Keep an eye out here for any events coming up in our community. 

School Holiday Clubs/Activities

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