Food Ambassadors

Our School Food Ambassadors have a really important job in school. They are responsible for helping support our work around whole food and are working to develop our Healthy Schools status. Their responsibilities include: 

Be a good role model for others. 

Encouraging the School Food Standards are met at all mealtimes in the school day. 

Encouraging a healthy eating and lifestyle culture across school. 

Supporting younger children and their experience at lunchtime. 

Exploring healthy recipes to share with others. 

Deepening their understanding of healthy eating to share this with others. 

Our Practical Sessions

Each half term, we aim to have a practical session as part of our responsibilities. We decide together, beforehand, what we would like to make/bake and share with others in school. We always send the recipe home for children to make with their adults outside of school. The aim of this is to:

*encourage healthy eating 

*promote healthy eating at home 

*develop cooking skills at all key stages 

*deepen understanding of food groups and the Eat Well Guide. 

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Our Trip to The Arium 

On Friday 29th April, the Food Ambassdors and Eco Warriors took a trip to The Arium, plant nursery, to buy a range of fruit trees and vegetable plants. The children will plant the trees and plants around the school grounds for the kitchen to use for our lunchtime meals. We are really excited about growing our own food as well as improving our school grounds. Keep an eye out for our planting photos!