Eco Warriors

Our Eco-Warriors have already been working hard to improve our school environment! 


Our Eco-Warriors are...

We're Collecting Conkers!!!

The Eco-Warriors are running a seed collecting competition! All the classes have been tasked with collecting Conkers, Beech Nuts, Chestnuts and Acorns. The class that collects the most seeds at the end of the competition will win a prize! 


The Eco-Warriors worked hard to decorate boxes for the children to collect their seeds.

The conkers have been counted!

The children have been working hard and have collected as many seeds as they could. 

In total the school has collected a whopping



The seeds will now be sent to the Arium, where they will be planted in the nursery and grown into young tree whips. These will then be planted at different sites across Leeds. 

We have counted up how many seeds each class collected and will be revealing the results of the competition shortly...