School Meals at Swarcliffe Primary School

2023-2024: School Lunch with Catering Leeds


Swarcliffe Primary holds healthy eating as a high priority. Catering Leeds, our catering provider, support this priority by providing a high quality service to our children. All our meals are freshly prepared on site each day in our kitchen. The ingredients used are all locally sourced and the food is presented and served to appeal to young children. Our children love to try a range of fresh fruits and vegetables every day!

Our lunch menu rotates on a 3 weekly cycle which changes with the seasons throughout the school year. Each day there is a choice of 2 main courses - one of which is vegetarian. With each choice, children are also offered a range of salads, pastas and rice side dishes.

We are pleased to show you below our NEW MENU from February 19th 2024!


 If you think you maybe entitled to Free School Meals please use the link


Feb 2024 Menu

Free School Meal Application Form

 If you think you are entitled to a Free School Meal (FSM) for your child then please complete the form below. Details on where to send this are on the form. If you have any questions, please call the Benefits Helpline on 0113 2224404. 


If you think your child is entitled to a free school meal, please complete the application form.

Packed Lunch Policy