Be a Super Hero .... Save lives .... Stay at Home.

Wednesday 1st April 2020

We have received details of the voucher scheme that is being put in place for those children entitled to Free School Meals. As we finalise this we will send details to those parents who are entitled. The idea is you will receive a voucher to spend at Tescos on food to feed your child/children. This can only be used for food. It is likely that these vouchers will be sent via email or text so please contact the office if you believe we need to update your contact details. In the meantime we will be continuing to provide packed lunches to those who are entitled to FSM at the school gate between 11.30 and 12pm.

We have added some more information to our internet safety section. This is to support parents and older children to ensure they are keeping themselves safe whilst using online apps and media services. Please ensure you discuss internet safety with your child/children as it is likely they will be spending more time on their than usual.

Place 2 be currently work in school offering emotional and mental health support to pupils and parents. This is a particularly worrying time for all, please feel free to direct your child to the resources on that page if they are concerned or need any reassurance. Further support and resources will be added over the next few days, with information on where to source any support you may need. 

Although school is closed, we have staff on hand to offer support and signpost you where they can to agencies that can assist. If you are unsure please call the office and they will try to help. 

Monday 30th March 2020

The continued advice from the governemnt is to remain in you household with the immediate members of your family. This is likely to continue for a considerable period of time, but is crucial if we are to keep one another safe.

We are updating class pages with different learning activities and as many ways as we can to help you keep your children entertained. If you have a garden encourage the children to use this as a learning space, giving you some space and an opportunity for them to let off a bit of steam. We are looking at continuing with our annual Easter bonnet and Easter egg competitions. Encourage your children to design them and plan them on paper first. Then if you have materials to hand they can make them. Don't forget to take lots of photos and send them to who will upload them to our school instagram account.

We would also like to continue to show our support of the NHS through displaying as many different rainbows as we can. Please send any rainbows your children have made so these can be added to our pages too. 

Many of your children may be asking questions or growing concerned about what is happening. The link below is a child friendly book which explains what is happening, whilst still reassuring them. If you can, please take time to share this with your child/ren. If you need any further support with this please let us know.

Teachers and support staff are continuing to work from home, so please email and let us know if you need any assistance. We will help where ever we can.

Stay safe, stay home and keep washing your hands!

Tuesday 24th March 2020

As you are no doubt aware everyone has been instructed to stay at home with their families where ever possible. This means your children should not be allowed out on their bikes or for a walk unaccompanied. If children wish to take a walk or run for exercise they must be supervised by an adult. They are no longer permitted to go to the playgrounds or meet with their friends. They must be reminded of the social distancing rules and not to stand and talk to others that they may see. 

Whilst off school your child may be spending more time on the internet. Please remind your child about keeping safe online and on different apps. The link below offers some guidance to parents.

More information is coming to our internet safety link 


Well done to all those who managed to get through their first day of lessons. Don't forget your teachers are working from home and are able to help, advise and give feedback through the class emails. If parents need any guidance with helping their children, teachers will be happy to help.

Stay safe. 

Coronavirus update

Monday 23rd March 2020

 The latest advice from the Government is stay at home and ensure you are socially distancing. Your child is safest at home and should only leave the home if supervised to ensure they are correctly social distancing themselves from others. This is a difficult time but you and your children should stay at home where ever possible to protect vulnerable members of all our families and the communitiy. 

Be a super hero, save lives and stay at home!!!!

Saturday 21st March 2020

 Thank you to all those parents who have generously offered their support and time over the coming period. We also appreciate your thanks and best wishes as many of our staff are also juggling children and vulnerable family members as well as their roles in school. It is a difficult time and I am sure that working together we will get through this with a true sense of what our school community is all about. 

The Government advice is very clear, all our children and adults are safer where ever possible at home. We are providing 'emergency care' where children have been identified as needing to stay in school. This care does not reflect a typical school day and can not replace the learning that the children can access on the school website. The guidance continues to state that even these children where possible should remian at home. This advice is to ensure minimum risk of exposure to the virus. The more people individuals come into contact with, the more likely they are to contract the virus. Ideally all children and adults would remain isolated at home, this is not always possible, but we can do our part by keeping contact to an absolute minimum.

We will have a skeleton staff in school for the forseeable future, so please be patient if you have a query. We will get back to you. Staff will continue to work from home and are keen to hear from your children and see the work they have completed. We have class emails to help children to keep in touch with their teachers and send completed work for marking. We also have a school instagram account where we will share work the children have sent in. I am sure they will have lots of ideas about how they can continue sharing their learning with using different technologies. Please don't forget the PE and dance sessions that are also available, many are also appropriate for adults too.

As difficult as it may be, do not allow your children to play out unsupervised, they need to continue socially distancing for the forseeable future. If you would like to take them to the park for a run or some fresh air - remind them about keeping their distance from others. the National trust are now offering free access to their grounds to encourage long walks, although the houses etc will be closed. 

Please keep yourself and your families safe.


Friday 20th March 2020

 School will be closed to all pupils from Monday 23rd March until further notice. 

The Governement have taken this action as they feel the safest place for children to be at this point in time is at home. all children should be following the 'social distancing' protocol and should not be encouraged to meet with their friends to socialise in close proximity. School has produced a wide variety of learning and fun activities for all children to access and have devised different ways to keep in contact with pupils. This information has been circulated to all parents via MMe and is available in the newsletter section under parents. 

We have all been affected by the current situation with many of our staff and families being identified as vulnerable or needing to self isolate for significant periods of time, or simply struggling to deal with child care following school closures. Due to the limited number of school staff and the importnace of social distancing, only children for 'key workers' or those with a specific support plan are being offered 'care' in school hours. Once again the Government advice is where children can remain safely at home they should do. We have contacted all families who have indicated that they are key workers to discuss wether or not they qualify for this care. This is a very difficult decision and position for us all, we are using guidance set by the government and ask that all parents consider their options carefully. We are ultimately trying to ensure the safety of all our pupils and families, whilst continuing to support the work of the emergency services. 

School staff will continue to be available during working hours for the forseeable future. If you have any queries or concerns we will be happy to advise and refer to agencies that may be able to assist. It is important we continue to work together through these next few months and offer what support we can to one another.


Thursday 19th March 2020

 Nursery, Reception Year 1 and Year 2 classes are closed until further notice.

Years 3,4,5 & 6 pupils are to attend school today and tomorrow. 

The whole of school and Nursery will be closed to pupils from Monday 23rd March until further notice. Staff will continue to work and will keep contact with pupils via email and the school website. Regular updates for parents will be shared via MMe and text messages. If you require a link to the MMe app please let the office know. All children are being provided with work and a timetable of activities for them to follow whislt school is closed. Government advice is that children should be socially distancing during this period. Although they are encouraged to still take exercise in the garden, accompanied visits to the park etc they will need to 'socially distance' themselves from other children and adults where possible. 

We are awaiting further guidance and advice on the provision required for key workers and vulnerable children. Once this is received we will be in contact with those families who are affected. If you feel you fall within the catagory of requiring this support and wish to take this up, please contact the office with your details.

If you have any specific questions please contact the office who will assist if they can. As you can appreciate we are continually in receipt of new infomation and updating our plans in line with this. Our priority today is to reassure the children and help them understand why school is closing. We have also outlined how they can safely keep in contact with their friends and staff throughout this time.

Wednesday 18th March 2020

 Although there are still no confirmed cases in school, for children or staff, we do have several families and staff members who have followed the Government advice and self isolated. This has resulted in lower ratios and the need to close Nursery until Thursday 2nd April. 

The advice from the Government remains the same, they are keen for schools to remain open but for parents to make the decision wether or not they need to self isolate. Where families do isolate because of suspected symptoms, they are not to return to school for 14 days. Advice may well change in the coming days, we will keep you up to date as much as we can and thank you for your continued support.

We have had reports of some false and distressing comments being made about the school community on Facebook. Although these may appear harmless they are causing some upset and anxiety to some of our older pupils, staff and family members. We urge all parents to follow the Government guidance and not be drawn into speculation on social media. This is a difficult and anxious time for all of us, I am sure you will appreciate all the hard work and dedication the staff have to keeping the school running as smoothly as possible.

For pupils who are self isolating at home there is work available on their class page. Further details will be shared on how they can keep contact with their class teacher throughout this period. We appreciate not everyone has access to a printer, so these include online games and activities that can be completed in homework books. Those who do not have access to the internet may request a paper pack of work from the office, if there is someone to collect it on their behalf.

Tuesday 17th March 2020

Despite having no confirmed cases, school is continuing to remain open with an extended cleaning program throughout the day. Parents are encouraged to follow the latest advice and guidance.

All visitors and planned trips have bveen suspended for the near future.  This unfortunately means we will be postponing our KS1 mother's day assembly and Meerkats class assembly. These will be rescheduled later in the year. 

Your continued support and understanding is appreciated at this difficult time.