Physical Education at Swarcliffe Primary School 

At Swarcliffe, our Physical Education curriculum is taught in specific P.E, gymnastics and dance lessons to support our pupils to develop a wide range of skills, including:

Physical: Agility, balance, co-ordination, running, jumping, swimming, throwing and catching.

Tactical skills: Attacking, defending and reflection on performance.

Social skills: Teamwork, communication, co-operation and an understanding of the body.


At Swarcliffe, we understand the importance of teaching Physical Education and pride ourselves in developing these core skills within a rich and varied curriculum and through a range of competitive situations. We expect our children to apply all these skills to the best of their ability in all subjects in our curriculum.

As well as this, we endeavour to interest our children in their learning with a creative and cross-curricular approach. To do this, we incorporate physical activity in to all our subjects across the curriculum. P.E is supported by a wide range of active friendship sessions and after school clubs. We also offer a range of addition texts to support children’s progress in P.E.

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Examples of additional texts we use to enhance our Physical Education curriculum:

Maisy learns to Swim by Lucy Cousins – Trying new things – Early Years

The Yoga Ogre – Peter Bently – Healthy Lifestyle – Early Years

Dora plays sports – Alison Inches – Trying new things – Year 1/2

Zach gets some exercise by The Duchess of York – Healthy Lifestyle – Year 1/2

Giraffes can’t dance by Giles Andreae – Building Confidence - Year 3/4

Body Warriors – The Immune System by Lisa Trumbauer – Healthy Bodies - Year 3/4

Players and Skills by Clive Gifford – Developing Tactics – Year 5/6

Dream to Win Series/Sporting Heroes by Rory Apps – Year 5/6

EY Foundation Stage 

Children in EY Foundation Stage take part in Physical Development which focuses on two main areas: Moving and Handling and Health and Self-care.

Moving and handling – A large focus on key movements such as running, jumping, skipping, sliding promoted through a range of games and activities. The children have access to a variety of indoor and outdoor equipment to develop gross motor skills (bikes, climbing equipment and stomach time) and fine motor skills (sensory area, LEGO and finger gyms).

Health and self–care – The children begin to explore the foundations of exercise and diet. Children can talk about how to keep healthy and safe.

The children’s progress is recorded on Tapestry.

Key Stage One

Children in KS1 take part in high quality P.E. coaching at least once a week such as: developing agility through dodging an evading in a rugby context and developing co-ordination through a combination of skills in a jumping context.

Over the course of the year the children will experience a wide variety of games and competition such as: rounders, cricket, tennis, athletics, throwing and catching, adventure games and invasion games.

There are clear links to the Science curriculum where children explore the importance of exercise and eating the right amounts of different foods as well as personal hygiene. There are also cross curricular link to PSHE, where children look at the impact of healthy eating and drinking water. The children study lessons such as ‘Can you eat a rainbow?’ where they look at healthy choices and how to include 5-a-day in to their daily diets. Children are introduced to the Eatwell Guide. The inclusion of cooking and cutting skills during the topic allows children to further enhance fine motor skills.

Key Stage Two

Children in KS2 continue to access specialist sports, gymnastics and dance coaching on a weekly basis. Furthermore, during years 3 and 4, children access 2 years of swimming to help them achieve the National Curriculum outcome of swimming 25m before they leave primary school.

Over the course of the year the children will experience a wide variety of games and activities such as: dodgeball, netball, cricket, rugby, hockey, football, gymnastics and dance.

In KS2 cross curricular links with Science continue as children develop their understanding of the body in more depth including the effects of exercise and food on the body including muscular and skeletal.  Clear links with PSHE also continue as the children explore the influence of adverts on health such as the ‘Different Influences’ lesson where children discuss and dissect a range of modern adverts and discuss how adverts target children. They also consider personal lifestyle choices and the impact on health and fitness such as the ‘Smart Snacks’ lesson, where children discuss the nutrition of some popular snacks and explore healthy alternatives.

Enrich, Enhance, Excite

Throughout our school our children are encouraged to engage with the wide range of sporting opportunities offered to them. Firstly, we boast fantastic outdoor provision including a running track, all-weather MUGA (Multi-Use Games Arena), a trim trail obstacle course and a variety of climbing apparatus. Inside we use the two large halls to provide space for children to explore sporting activities, one which has a fixed climbing frame and the other with an integrated sound system to help promote dance in and out of the curriculum.

Furthermore, children have access to a wide range of active after school clubs including netball, football, tennis, gardening, choir and dance where children have the chance to learn new skills working with a range of ages and abilities. Swarcliffe also promote healthy competition entering a variety of competitions against local schools in a range of sports.

Alongside the clubs, we offer several sporting friendship sessions where the children can choose from a selection of activities during their free time. Some of the options include climbing, invasion games, cricket, football and running/hurdles. In these sessions

Wherever possible, we ensure that pupil voice is heard at Swarcliffe. In order to involve the children in the decision making process in P.E. we created a Swarcliffe Sports Council. Each class elected a child to be a Sports Ambassador, who is responsible for ensure the classes views on P.E, physical activity and school sport are passed on to the P.E. lead and leadership.