Healthy Eating at Swarcliffe Primary School 

At Swarcliffe Primary School we recognise the importance of ensuring every child has access to a healthy and well balanced diet; supporting them to lead a healthy lifestyle now and later. We recognise there is a strong link between a healthy diet and learning.



  • To provide a whole school approach to food and healthy eating to improve the health and well-being of children and their families.
  • To provide a whole school approach to healthy lifestyles to promote attainment and progress in all children.
  • To embed healthy lifestyle messages and ensure they are consistent across all provisions.
  • To encourage children to make long term healthy choices through education and awareness.


A healthy lifestyle is embedded through learning in the classroom. Our curriculum aims to enhance children’s experience of food, physical activity and healthy balanced diets through the following subjects: Science, PSHE, PE, Design & Technology and themed days/weeks.

Children explore where food comes from; the Eatwell Guide and overall healthy choices for life beyond school.

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Free School Meal Application Form

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