Remote/Home Learning

Remote (Home) Learning is an essential part of our delivery of the school curriculum for pupils who are working at home due to local and national restrictions or if school bubbles are told to remain at home. It is vital that pupils working at home receive the same level of education as those children who are still able to attend.

What Remote Learning will be provided?

All work provided will be in line with the National Curriculum and follow progression of learning which is being followed in school. We teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in school, wherever possible and appropriate. In some instances, resources/equipment may be adapted to suit the needs of school/home environments.

All remote learning is provided as packs on our website for children to download at home.

A timetable is provided to support parents/carers in providing a balanced day of learning at home. If a child does not have access to a laptop/internet, school will provide paper copies of learning. Where funding can be accessed by school, a device will be provided to support disadvantaged children. 

All links on the Learning Zone can be accessed via a range of devices, including: mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer. These links should be used in addition to work provided to support mental maths; spelling; reading and topic-based learning. 

From January 2021, children at home will be invited to attend two daily live lesson via a platform such as Zoom or Google Classrooms. This will be continued throughout the time of ‘school closures’. These will be conducted by a class teacher and member of support staff. The lessons will reflect those taught to those children still able to attend school.

In addition to daily live lessons, pre-recorded clips are also included on our Home Learning page on the school website. These are uploaded by school staff at the beginning of each week and reflect the teaching in school. Children are able to use the given timetable and work packs (either as a physical or an electronic pack) alongside these clips.

Learning Zone Links 

Click above to access these. 

How will SEND children be supported remotely?

SEND children may need additional support/differentiation to access the curriculum at home. Our school SENDCO (Mrs Butler) will work with teachers to provide this. This will be provided through the following ways:

  • personalised printed pack of work and appropriate resources;
  • access to online links through the Learning Zone (on the school website);
  • small group live lessons to support with specific areas of learning (e.g. phonics, times tables, differentiated learning linked to BSquared objectives);
  • weekly phone calls to discuss progress and learning with parent and child and
  • continued support (via phone calls) with SENDCO where necessary.

How long can I expect my child to work each day?

The Government have set out guidelines on the amount of Remote Learning (including teaching and independent work) for children each day.

Key Stage One: 3 hours a day on average (less for Year One children). 

Key Stage Two: 4 hours a day. 


This includes: 

  • live lessons; 
  • recorded lessons/tutorials; 
  • independent learning time and 
  • Learning Zone links.

I’m having difficulties providing learning at home for my child, what should I do?

We recognise that parents and carers may face challenges whilst home schooling and we are here to support. We encourage parents to give children an opportunity to complete as much as possible. Timetables are provided for each phase which may be helpful and support with breaking the day into sections. If Remote/Home Learning is proving challenging, please don't hesitate to get in touch via the class email or a phone call to the school office for support.


What if my child is ill at home during Lockdown or isolation period?

If your child feels unwell during their time away from school, we do not expect them to complete all their home learning. They are expected to continue with as much as they possibly can.

What are the expectations for children’s engagement and support that parents/carers should provide at home?

We understand that Remote Learning is not always going to be easy and we are here to support each family; whether it is with technology; printed packs or phone calls home. It is inevitable that children will need some adult guidance at home when completing their learning. The following would be of a great support for your child whilst they are working remotely:

  • Support your child by setting a routine and following the timetable as much as possible.
  • Give your child space to work whether this is on paper of online.
  • Ensure your child gets regular breaks throughout the day to help maintain concentration.
  • Where possible, give your child guidance through their learning so they feel confident.
  • Contact school where any questions or issues arise.
  • Speak with school staff each week (at least) to feedback how your child is doing.

How will my child’s work be assessed?

Feedback is an important part of your child’s learning journey and can be carried out in different ways. We will assess your child’s learning through various ways including: feedback during live lessons; marked work which has been printed and returned to school; quizzes and discussions via weekly phone calls. Feedback will be given at least weekly. Daily where children attend live lessons.

Remote Learning for Self-Isolating Children

Where individual children need to self-isolate but the majority of the bubble group remains in school (where a bubble has not closed or there is not a partial school closure) Remote Learning will likely differ from this approach. This is due to the challenges of individual children not being in school whilst most of them are.

If your child is self-isolating they will be provided with a work pack which reflects the learning undertaken during that half term in school. Children will be able to access this from home electronically as the pack will be available on the school website. Alternatively, a pack came be printed and collected from school. Children and parents/carers will be able to contact the class teacher by email or phone call to school.

How will work completed at home be submitted?

Class Email 

Daily work (including photos) can be submitted electronically to the class email which will be picked up by the class teacher or a member of support staff. Teachers will respond to work submitted within 24 hours and any queries children may have. Feedback will be offered on this work and next steps provided, where necessary. Submitting work daily (or at least every 2 days) will help teachers assess pupils' understanding and therefore provide further support.


Hand in Paper Copies 

If children have worked on paper copies provided by school, this can handed in at the end of the week once completed. Regular contact via email (if able) or weekly phone call will be made during the period which the child is unable to attend to offer support and advice. 

Teachers will also communicate with parents/carers via Marvellous Me and Tapestry.


Submitted during Live Lessons

When children attend a live lesson, there is an opportunity for assessment and discussions around learning with a class teacher.


Phone Calls

Weekly phone calls from a familiar adult (more likely your child’s class teacher/support staff) are made to keep in touch with children and families around all aspects of learning, including pastoral. This is a prime opportunity for discussions around learning.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child's education (in school or at home) please get in touch via email or phone. 

Thank you for all your continued support and commitment to school and your child's education. 

Created: September 2020

Reviewed: January 2021