Welcome to Key Stage One

Autumn 1

Why do pirates wear eyepatches?



Welcome back to Year 1/2! We have an exciting, action packed filled year where we will cover 6 captivating topics. The topic we are covering this half term is 'Why do pirates wear eyepatches?'


In Maths we will start by looking at the place value of numbers and developing the basic concepts of addition and subtraction. We will do this by using practical resources, drawing pictures and using hundred squares and numberlines.  We will develop fluency and then apply these skills to problem solving and reasoning exercises within the lesson.  Throughout this half term, we will also be looking at measures; length mass weight and also 2d and 3d shapes.


In English we will be looking at a range of text.  Throughout this half-term children will be looking at non-fiction and fiction books linked to our overall topic theme.  They will be building a bank of vocabulary to use in a variety of different genres of writing.


 In Science we will identify and compare a variety of materials.  This will help us in D&T where we will be designing our own pirate ships and testing them to see if they manage to take a voyage.  If they capsize or float we will evaluate our own designs.


In Geography we are going to be looking at maps of the World.  Amongst other skills, we will be improving our knowledge by looking at and naming the countries in the UK and their capital cities and the 7 continents and the oceans and seas.


In Computing the children will ensure that the children are confident with logging in and out of the laptops with independence.  We are going to be learning to write and follow simple algorithms using beebots.  They will explore how to program them to find treasure on a map and create and debug simple programs.


PE will continue to take place on a Friday with the coaches. Please remember that children will need the correct PE kit to be able to participate in sports with the coaches. This term Year 1 and 2 will have Gymnastics with a coach on a Monday morning and Dance with Mr Thomas on a Tuesday afternoon.

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