We are now taking Admission Requests for our September 2020 Nursery Starters - Limited Spaces Available! Please inquire at the School Office.

Welcome to Foundation Stage

Reception New Starters 2020

Hi everyone, here is a little video of your new class.


We can't wait to see you in September.


P.S The classrooms look a little bit bare at the moment because we have had to take away lots of soft furnishings and toys due to the government advice with regards to COVID 19.


We do hope to have the classrooms looking lovely and ready for you all when we welcome you in September.

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Hello everyone. To ensure that your child's learning continues, whilst you are trying your best to stay safe at home, we will add a different learning activity or activities to Tapestry each day. So make sure that you log on as much as you can to keep up to date with all the tasks that are set. To ensure your child's learning continues at home, we really encourage you to have a go at the challenges that we set.

We have been really impressed with all the fabulous things that you have been doing and all the effort that you and your families have been putting in to keep your learning going so far-keep it up!

In addition to these daily challenges on Tapestry, we have provided supporting resources and extra ideas below. These include links to educational websites, activities and worksheets that cover all 17 areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage. We encourage you to add your activities and experiences to Tapestry so teachers can respond to your child's learning and experiences. If you would like a paper copy of these extra challenges please contact the office. 

Summer Term: Week Beginning 13.07.20

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Summer Term: Week Beginning 06.07.20

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Summer Term: Week Beginning 29.06.20

Year 1 Video Tour

Year 1: Where do I go to line up in the morning before school?

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Summer Term: Week Beginning 22.06.20

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 Book Review.pdfDownload
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 Dragon footprint biscuit recipe.pdfDownload
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 Dragon writing paper.pdfDownload
 fire breathing dragon craft.pdfDownload
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Summer Term: Week Beginning 15.06.20

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Summer Term: Week Beginning 08.06.20

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Summer Term: Week Beginning 01.06.20

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 Bag of Worries Templates.docxDownload
 Science Dandelion Bubbles.docxDownload
 That Nervous Feeling Cody's Helpful Ideas Speech Bubble Cards.pdfDownload
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 The Huge Bag of Worries story link.docxDownload
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Summer Term: Week Beginning 18.05.20

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 feeding mini beasts.pdfDownload
 Ladybird Halving to 10.pdfDownload
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 Maths challenges.pdfDownload
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Summer Term: Week Beginning 11.05.20:  Extra activities and challenges

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 I spy phonics.pdfDownload
 Jaspers Addition.pdfDownload
 Jaspers Beanstalk challenges.pdfDownload
 Jaspers Diary.pdfDownload
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 Part whole to ten.pdfDownload
 Pencil control.pdfDownload
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Summer Term 1: Week 1 and 2 extra activities and challenges

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 Maths Solving Problems Doubling Home Learning Challenges.pdfDownload
 Maths Solving Problems Halving Home Learning Challenges.pdfDownload
 Maths Solving Problems Sharing Home Learning Challenges.pdfDownload
 Mini Beast Challenges.pdfDownload
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Here is the link to Oxford Owl where you will find lots of reading books that match your child's reading level. For your username and password please see the "Oxford Owl" Tapestry upload. The link is also available on Tapestry.



Hi again everyone. We're so pleased to see all the work that you are doing at home on Tapestry. For an extra weekly Maths lesson, please try White Rose Maths - they have a new lesson with activities each week. Follow the link and choose your year group. Start with EYFS and then try the Year 1 lesson as a challenge. 



Check out this song to help you learn and remember 3D shapes. The Singing Walrus has lots of other fun maths songs too so check him out.



Also, here is the Phonics link as mentioned on Tapestry. Read Write Inc are showing free sessions from Monday 23rd March and for the next two weeks, films will show at the times below and be available for 24 hours. Set 1 9.30 am (GMT) - Set 2 10.00 am - Set 3 10.30 am. 






Learning in Foundation Stage

In Foundation Stage, we believe that young children learn best through play and following their own interests. With this in mind, we decide on a theme for each half term but this will often change direction based on the children's ideas and fascinations. 

Children in our Foundation Stage learn by exploring and investigating our areas of provision in which resources and activities are set to challenge and extend learning and development. In addition to our engaging indoor and outdoor provision, children take part in daily focused activities in which they are directly taught skills and knowledge in reading, writing and mathematics.

Spring 2: Was Goldilocks Really Naughty?

This half term our learning will be mainly based around Traditional Fairy Tales. We will be learning lots of traditional stories and experiencing them in many different ways to really help us remember and understand them. We plan to learn the stories off by heart so when it comes to writing them we will find it much easier. We will be doing lots of role play and acting out the stories too as well as creating characters through art and design. We also plan to bake our own gingerbread men and plant our own beanstalks. During Science Fortnight we will be visited by "Zoolab" who will be bringing lots of different animals for us to look at and talk about. For the last two weeks of half term we will also be receiving our very own eggs to look after so lots of learning around life cycles and understanding of the world will be taking place too. We will continue to focus on a new number each week and use "Numberblocks" to engage children in exploring and understanding the key areas of mathematical thinking.

Spring 1: What does it take to be a superhero?

Welcome to 2020! This half term our learning will be mainly based around the question, "What does it take to be a superhero?". We plan to start by talking about our favourite superheros. In addition, we will be reading lots of Superhero themed books such as the "Supertato" series of stories by Sue Hendra. To further motivate children's learning we will be creating lots of different opportunities for the children to be superheros themselves so keep an eye on Tapestry to see the different "superhero" problems that the children will be tackling. Such challenges will include, writing letters to "The Evil Pea" to rescue our trapped toys, designing and making traps for "The Evil Pea" and writing our own superhero stories. We will continue to focus on a new number each week and use "Numberblocks" to engage children in exploring and understanding the key areas of mathematical thinking.  



Autumn 2: How do we celebrate?

This half term our learning will begin by being based around the question, "How do we celebrate?". We plan to celebrate Bonfire Night, Diwali, a birthday, a wedding and Christmas. Learning opportunities will be motivating and relevant to children such as replying to letters and writing shopping lists for items that will be bought for a party that they have planned. In addition, we plan to immerse ourselves in The Jolly Christmas Postman by Janet and Allan Ahlberg and The Scarecrow's Wedding by Julia Donaldson. Alongside this, we will also be extremely busy preparing for our Nativity, "A King is Born". 


We use Tapestry Online Learning Journal to build a special record of each child's experiences and journey through their time in Foundation Stage. We use photographs, videos and notes to show learning and progression through the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage.

Communication between staff and parents on Tapestry helps to build a shared understanding of how every child can reach their full potential, we therefore encourage all parents/carers to add to their child's profile. 

Stay and Play

Thank you to everyone who attended "Stay and Play" on 12th November - what a great turn out! The next session will be Thursday 5th December. 

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