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Who were the Ancient Greeks?


As we move in to the summer term our learning shifts to the Ancient Greeks and the impact they had on both the ancient world and modern living. We will look at Greek Gods, democracy, Alexander the Great and much much more!

 Who were the ancient Greeks? - BBC Bitesize



This half term, our work in English will revolve around the ancient Greeks and specifically Greek myths. We will start by writing a character description of the dreaded Minotaur - some of the children will even try make the reader feel sorry for it! During this write, we will look to use a range of different sentence types and the FANTASTICS. Once this is complete we will turn our attention to grammar, punctuation and spelling for two weeks concentrating on the types of clauses and conjunctions amongst many other features. Finally we will write our own alternative ending to the Greek myth of Medusa. We will also read 'Who Let the Gods Out?'

Greek Myths (Wordsmith (Literacy Service))        Who Let the Gods Out?: the first EPIC adventure in Maz Evans's  laugh-out-loud hilarious series


Our learning this half term, will start with angles. We will learn how to classify, measure and draw angles. Once this is complete, we will use this understanding to help us identify the angles within shapes and in some cases calculate missing angles. We will then look at 3D shapes and geometry and position. During all of our learning this half term we will be revisiting past learning and ensuring we are secure with it. 

Angles Math Images – Browse 52,185 Stock Photos, Vectors, and Video | Adobe  Stock



Our topic for the rest of this year will be ancient Greece. Our learning in history will cover some of the key topics from that time including: Alexander the Great, the Olympics and Greek gods. Throughout our learning we will be challenged to use our understanding of chronological order and our source analysis skills.

 Alexander the Great - Wikipedia       Ancient Greek The Gods And Goddesses Of Cartoon Fu By ONYX, 44% OFF     Olympics Timeline: A Breakdown of the Ancient Olympics - History      



Our topic in geography this half term will revolve around trade. We are going to look in detail at what trade is and how it affects the world we live in. We will also look at the trade of the Ancient Greeks and discuss how it has changed.

 Ancient Trade Images – Browse 30,950 Stock Photos, Vectors, and Video |  Adobe Stock



In science we will be completing a range of investigations in to forces. We will begin by identifying the different forces we can see working around us and discuss how they can be influenced. After we have done this we will start to plan our own scientific investigations around forces answering questions which we have posed.

Forces and shape | Effects of forces | Friction | Springs & Wires



The majority of our learning in art this half term will look at improving the mastery of certain techniques including drawing, painting and mark making. To do this we will look at some ancient pieces of art and attempt to replicate the techniques that have been used to create these.

91,800+ Greek Art Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock |  Ancient greek art, Greek art agriculture


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New spellings are given out each Monday and will be followed by a test the week after.

We are continuing with the Homework Pyramid this year. Children have a range of tasks that they can choose from, chosen homework tasks should then be completed and handed in each Wednesday.

PE will still continue on a Friday with the coaches so children should ensure they are wearing their new school PE Kit which was provided at the beginning of the year. 

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