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Spring 1

Why does the Earth gets angry?


LITERACY- This term our shared text book is the Wizard of Oz. The children will look at different versions of the story, exploring the vocabulary and comparing it to the short film ‘The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Lessmore.’ We will also be looking at play scripts this half term. They will also be able to show off what they can do in their own creative writing compositions, re-telling the story and creating some play scripts of their own to perform. We will continue to improve our spelling and grammar this half term, looking at inverted commas and their uses. The children will also continue to develop their skills, practicing spelling rules.


NUMERACY- The children will continue to practice written and mental addition and subtraction calculations daily alongside their times tables, to build on their ability and speed. Learning this term will focus around improving knowledge of fractions, Geometry (position and direction) and multiples of money. We will also be making cross curricular links to Geography when learning about longitude and latitude. We will be using co- ordinates to plot different countries on a globe and even use these to create our own map of Oz.


SCIENCE - We will be looking at the origins of rocks and soils as well as how volcanoes are created. We will look in detail at the water cycle and study different examples of extreme weather and their origins. We will even be making our own mini tornadoes!


RE- The children will look at the meaning of ‘spirituality’, explore the significance of symbols in religion and look at how different religions use patterns, calligraphy and poetry.


ART- This term, we will be looking at the painting ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch. The children will re-create this iconic picture using a variety of different media. We will be using observation.


GEOGRAPHY- During this half term children will begin to look at the water cycle and understand the different states that water travels through. They will be learning lots of new vocabulary such as; evaporation and condensation, and applying these terms to explain the cycle. In addition to this, children will be using globes, atlases and maps to study the different hemispheres and locate countries within those hemispheres. When looking at the climate in different parts of the world, the children will learn about the equator and how this effects the weather in countries.

Autumn 2

What are the Wonders of the World?

Welcome back after the half term break! We hope you all had a good rest and are ready for the busy, but exciting, half term ahead. 

Maths - This half term the children are learning about the concept of time along reading digital and analogue clocks. They will also be looking at multiplication and division facts and written methods. 


English - We will explore a range of books this half term, starting with the Science Fiction story ‘The Iron Man’. We will read the text in Guided Reading sessions and rewrite the first chapter from The Iron Man’s point of view. In addition to this, we will be writing a non-chronological report about the Wonders of the World.

Science - over this half term the children will be investigating electricity and how it is used in our lives. We will learn about the different ways electricity is produced in the UK and how it is utilized. The children will be learning about circuits and some components such as cells, wires, bulbs, switches and buzzers.


Geography - During our lessons, the children will be using maps to locate countries, concentrating on their environmental regions and key human and physical characteristics. During these lessons they will also locate the Wonders of the World.

Computing - This half term, the children will be learning about search engines and how to research effectively. This will link to our topic  as we will be researching the Wonders of the World to write the non-chronological report in English.


Design and Technology - This half term, the children will develop different construction techniques such as cutting,
joining and shaping to create their own Iron Man related to our class text. They will also be given the opportunity to design, select materials and use the components they think are most appropriate.


PE will continue to take place on a Friday with the coaches. Please remember that children will need the correct PE kit to be able to participate in sports with the coaches. Lions will be swimming on a Wednesday afternoon still and will need a swimming costume and a towel. In addition to this, Leopards and Tigers will continue with Gymnastics on Monday afternoons and will need to bring their PE kit to change into.

Autumn 1

Why do dragons breathe fire?

Welcome back to Year 3/4! We have an exciting, action packed filled year where we will cover 6 fascinating topics. The topic we are covering this half term is Dragons.


In Maths the children will be learning about the place value of numbers as well as mental and written methods for addition and subtraction. Throughout this term, we will be looking at various units of measure and using this to calculate the perimeter of shapes.


In English we will be looking at a range of text genres including storytelling, instructional writing and poetry, based on the texts that we will read. Our first text this half term is ‘George and the Dragon’, we will be writing a character description. Linking to our topic, another book we will be studying is ‘Dragon Keeper’s Handbook’, we will use this to write instructions to trap a dragon.


Our focus in Science this half term is animals and humans. We will be finding out how to classify them by their diets and anatomy. We will have a particular focus on skeletons and nutrition, comparing those of humans to animals.


In History we are researching Saint George, linking to our book in English 'George and the Dragon'. The children will learn about the traditional tale and then ordering events on a timeline.


In Art this half term we are practicing different techniques such as drawing, painting and sculpting by making careful observations. We will first be sketching a dragon's eye and then sculpting our design in clay.


Computing is going to be very exciting this half term as the children will be learning to write and debug simple algorithms. They will be taught how to write basic code using Scratch to produce their own game.


PE will continue to take place on a Friday with the coaches. Please remember that children will need the correct PE kit to be able to participate in sports with the coaches. This term Lions will be swimming on a Wednesday afternoon and will need a swimming costume and a towel. 

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