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Yr 5 - Jupiter

Summer Term 2

Wow! What a brilliant start to the half term...we are really lucky to have a REAL Olympic medal winner on the staff at Swarcliffe!!

We will be starting a fun Olympic trophy project - this could get messy so be prepared to work hard.

Non-fiction writing will be the focus of our writing - from newspaper reports to persuasive adverts.


We will be holding our own exciting Swarcliffe Olympics in the third week of school. We will need a class flag and our own Olympic event.

Miss West and Mrs Bates hope you all enjoy your last three weeks in year 5!


What an amazing experience we all had in Beamish! Everyone in year 5 became a 1913 time traveller for the day. We had a ride on a
tram and fun visiting the Barclay's bank.


We are going to focus on improving our non-fiction writing this half term, from a Beamish information leaflet to a diary entry about our time travelling experience.

Focus Friday will see us performing for the camera in a time travel documentary.

Get ready to learn...1913 style.


It’s a Sushi Spring for Year 5!


Spring Term 2 is another action-packed time for us here in Year 5.

We had to wait in suspense for our special class book, delivered all the way from Japan. It’s called ‘How my parents learned to eat’ and it charts the story of an American learning how to eat with chopsticks.

We are looking at stories from different cultures in our Literacy, and using the fantastic pictures from our book to help us create freeze frames.

We recently held our RE focus day. We studied Islam and held a special day to share our learning with the whole school. We tried lots of different traditional foods, drew Islamic patterns and even tried our hand at Arabic writing! We also had the help of a fantastic teacher, Haleem, who taught us lots about being a Muslim.

Our numeracy will see us focussing on symmetry and reflection, as well as estimating and measuring. We’ll be using these skills to help us measure and weigh ingredients and create traditional Japanese food!

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Welcome to Year 5

Bang Pop!


This term is filled with lots of exciting activities – I hope you are all ready!

We kicked off the new term with some crazy experiments. You can see more details on our main page. Our new Science topic is called Bang Goes the Theory, and we will be holding a Science workshop at the end of term!

We will be exploring gases around us, and mixing, messing, exploring and investigating how everyday things can be changed!

In our Literacy, we will be working realy hard to improv our spelings (notice the mistakes?!) We are also becoming budding writers, and using our skills to write our own newspaper headlines and reports. We hope to write our own newspaper report about the Science fair next month!

After working really hard at our calculation in numeracy, we will be getting fraction happy! We’ll use lots of real-life objects that we’re using in our Science to find out the different fractions, percentages and decimal amounts.

In topic, we’ll be looking at art sculptures, based on the mythical creatures we wrote about last term. We will actually be making our own mythical creatures, and painting and decorating them!

Our Geography will take us to lakes, rivers and anything connected with water management – this will work really well alongside our solids, liquids and gases work in Science.

One of our proudest achievements from last term was our completed WW2 model shelters. We designed, planned, constructed and decorated our shelters in groups and were really proud to show them off. See the pictures below!

Mrs. Bates and Mr. Jach are really excited about the coming weeks, and just know we’ll see lots of super work!

But before I go, a challenge… Who can achieve the highest number of privilege cards this term?! There is a prize for the winner!


Good Luck!


Mr. Jach and Mrs. Bates


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Welcome to Year 5!


We have had an exciting term learning lots of interesting facts and figures.. Our focus has been Suitcase Stories ~ we hope you managed to join our Focus Friday Assembly to see our brilliant performance!

See you soon!
Mr Jach