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Yr 4 - Jupiter

Summer 2

Well, here we are, in the last half term of this year. It seems to have flown past, yet when we look back to how much we have learned it is impressive.
This half term we are continuing our topic on Africa. 


We have decided to concentrate on one of the many countries in Africa and will be finding out all about Kenya


We will produce reports on the country, with information about the geography and the people and animals that live there. We will also be making adverts to use our best persuasive skills to encourage people to visit this amazing and interesting country.

We are also working with watercolour paints to produce some African silhouette paintings. I am sure you will look forward to seeing these.


In maths we are learning about position and direction as well as continuing to improve those calculation skills.

Science is all about how we live and grow and learning about electricty and how circuits work.

We are also looking forward to our whole school trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park in July. Make sure you bring your permission slip back!!

Summer 1

Summer term has arrived and we are all looking forward to our new topic, which is 'Animals.'
We are going to be learning all about the animals of Africa. Looking at where they live, why they live there  and why some of them are in danger.


We will also be using our geographical skills to find out more about Africa and the people who live there.
In literacy we have been writing raps and poems about animals. Ask us about our performance poem based on 'Walking My Iguana' by Brian Moses.


We are also reading 'The Butterfly Lion' by Michael Morpurgo, which is about a boy who runs away from boarding school. He meets an old lady and hears a story all about a white lion and a boy named Bertie.
In maths we continue to practise our calculations  and problem solving skills


Spring 2

Welcome Back to Mrs Reeve


We are really pleased to welcome Mrs Reeve back to school and can't wait to work with her in Year 4. She will be working with Mrs Park keep us all on track and make sure that our learning is interesting, exciting and relevant.

We also have Mrs Rushton, Mrs Harrison and Mrs Robshaw working with us, helping us with things we find tricky.

This half term we are continuing to find out about those grusome Tudor types. We will be looking at their lifestyles and how they kept healthy (or not!!!!!)


We are also going to be finding out about Tudor explorers, where they went, how they got there and what they found.


We will continue to go swimming on a Monday and will also be practising our gymnastics in PE.

Although this is a short half term, we are going to be very busy. We are going to become journalists, writing our very own newspaper reports. So watch this space!

Also, watch out for our new homework policy. Which will be arriving very soon.

Please continue to practise your times tables, spelling and of course as much reading as possible.


Easter will be upon us before we know it so lets hope for some warmer weather.





Spring 1


Welcome back. I hope you all had a great break and are all ready for the new year.
How are the New Year's resolutions going? 

This term we will be travelling back in time to find out all about the Tudors. (A bloodthirsty lot) 

Do you know how many wives King Henry VIII had?

Do you know what happened to them?

Well, you need to come to our open afternoon on Friday 

15th February to find out.

In Literacy we will be writing some stories set in the past, with real historical characters rubbing shoulders with our imaginary characters.

In maths we are looking at calculations and learning about

the grid method. (Ask us all about it.) 


We continue to work on our times tables and number bonds and all of us are hoping to earn a medal this term. 

Bring on the Spring and some warmer weather.

Autumn 2


This half term started with Remembrance week where the children looked at poetry from the First World War. They analysed this carefully and used the imagery from the poems to create beautiful water colour paintings of Flanders Fields.


A strange message which invited us to the hall had us all guessing and we were amazed to find a video of a mysterious man in a pointed hat! Then, all sorts of weird and wonderful things started happening to us. We uncovered a pile of books called ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’ which we have read and are using to develop our Literacy skills. We are also using our DT skills to design and make homes for Boots, our school boggart, who is currently living under Mrs Sanderson’s desk!  He was not impressed as the building of the new classrooms destroyed his home and he let us know by leaving dirty footprints across the tables and making a mess of our classroom! We hope his new house will mean he is happy and leaves us alone!


We’re working hard on our times tables in Numeracy and have recently revisited fractions – which aren’t that hard really! 


In Science we’re looking at materials and their states as well as how to separate them.


A busy half term and we haven’t even mentioned the christmas word 

Autumn 1


A new year, a new classroom, a new teacher! 


back Year 4 and welcome to Mrs Park our brand new teacher!


Our first assembly was an interesting one where we discovered all sorts about the teachers when they brought in their personal items from home. These included lots of teddies, photos and even a potty! We’ve been thinking hard about what it means to be ourselves and have produced some beautiful artwork using oil pastels which have fitted together to make a giant jigsaw in the hall – come and have a look – it’s fantastic!


Our new PACT (Personalised Accelerated Children’s Targets) lessons have been fun and exciting. They are helping us to embed our handwriting, spelling and mental recall skills.


In Literacy, we have started our brand new class novel ‘Christophe’s Story’ by Nicki Cornwell. It tells the story of a boy called Christophe who has moved to England to get away from the war in Rwanda. We have been looking at character’s feelings and putting feelings and emotions into our writing.

In Numeracy, we are working hard to learn our times tables and have been competing in some times tables Olympic games. We’ve also been working on place value, comparing numbers and calculations.



In Science, we’ve been grouping living organisms and discussing how different animals and plants are adapted to their habitats. We went on a ‘wild walk’ around the school grounds and found habitats everywhere – even underneath rocks! We’re getting very good at using our new Scientific vocabulary in sentences – could you explain the meaning of:

Vertebrate? Invertebrate? Predator? Prey? Habitat? Organism? Food chain?