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Yr 3 - Mars


Summer 2


This half term we are continuing to learn about animals and the different countries they come from. We are looking forward to our whole school trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park.


We are hoping the weather stays fine.


In Numeracy we are learning about money, calculation and we are concentrating on learning our 3x and 4x tables.

We have had a special opportunity to learn the ukulele and we can all play tunes really well.


Above all we are preparing ourselves for the move into Year 4.

Summer 1


Year 3 are looking forward to an exciting half  

term where our topic is all about Animals and Africa.  In Science we are learning about materials and their properties and why different materials are used for different purposes. We have started Literacy with performance poetry and are in the process of making our own raps. We are having a real push on reading and being text detectives so we hope you are all reading at home and completing the book reviews.


Please don't forget swimming is on Tuesday and on Wednesday. Please remember your kit.

Spring 2


Welcome back!


Mrs Harrower & Mrs Clarkson


We are very excited about the coming half term, where we will 

be continuing our Tudor topic work. We will be finding out about Tudor Exploration and how this affected the health of the sailors. I am sure there will be some gory findings.
During science we are learning about teeth and being healthy. 

Swimming will be on a Tuesday nd PE will be on a Wednesday.

Please remember your kit on these days.


We are going to be working very hard with our reading and spellings and we appreciate any help parents can give at home. 


If parents would like to speak to me about anything please do not hesitate to call in and see me before or after school.

Finally we are all looking forward to some sunny weather (let's keep our fingers crossed) and some delicious easter eggs.




Happy New Year everyone!! 


Well, after an extremely exciting autumn term, are hoping the children are ready to work just as hard this half term. Our Focus will become vIn Literacy, we will be looking at Instructions  and sentence construction.ery clear very soon…be prepared!


Our Numeracy lessons will be jam-packed with calculations – especially subtraction - a tricky area that the children need some practice on. We will also be data handling - looking at graphs, tables and charts and using these to answer some very tricky questions. 


Mrs Haj Ayed’s New Year’s resolution? To give out more pen licenses of course! The children’s handwriting has improved massively and we can’t wait to reward the children by giving out as many pens as possible



As the nights get darker and we creep towards our favourite time of year, something strange and mysterious is happening in our school! A wizard decided to interrupt our assembly and sent us a brown paper package tied up with string. As we opened it, to our amazement it had a red velvet ! 


bag tied up with a golden cord. You will never guess what was inside...

d i a m o n d s !!! 

We have no idea why they have been sent us, or what magical powers they have, so we are treading very carefully and keeping our eyes peeled. It's MAGIC AND MYSTERY indeed! 




We have all settled into the new rules and routines already! We have an amazing new class charter  on display in our room, reminding us of our class promise to respect each other and try our best always! 

We have a fantastic new classroom to work in, which is full of prompts and reminders to help us with our learning, as well as celebrating our achievements. 

The topic this half term is BEING AND BELONGING. We are looking at our immediate and extended families, our local area and the wider community, as well as comparing with other countries around the world. To find out more, come and see our class jigsaw display in the hall. This shows how we are all unique individuals with our own identities, but that we also are valuable members of our class- we all belong together, work as a team and look after each other. 

Enjoy our gallery of photos showing what we have been up to already!






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