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Yr 3 - Earth

Summer 2

Despite the weather, our final term has started on a bright and colourful note! After a fantastic topic launch assembly, in which we had to guess who the genuine Olympic medallist amongst the staff was, we have been working on our own Olympics.


We have been creating our own events and designing animal heads to be our ‘Wacky Racers’! You can see our final designs below. Our next step is to get really creative and use shiny paper, fuzzy felt and sequins to decorate our racers. Then, we ‘ll be designing our own flag to be used in a parade on the event day itself.


We’ll be using plenty of our numeracy skills to record which Olympic events are the most popular, and also using our persuasive powers to create fantastic posters to convince people to come to our event.There’s a lot to do so we’ll be super busy! We’re all really excited!







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Summer 1

WOW! What an exciting start to the new term in Year 3!


Our first two days were full of music, dance, art, drama and of course R.E. when we learnt all about Hinduism. We had really enjoyed our Hindu workshop before Easter and used this to teach the rest of the school what we had learnt. We hope the other classes enjoyed it just as much as we did!


Then we went to BEAMISH! We explored the old Waggonway and got to ride on a real steam locomotive, we found our way around Pockerley Old Hall, a large Georgian house which a wealthy farmer would have lived in. We even got to try some of the biscuits being baked in the kitchen! Home Farm was our next destination and we met lots of animals and a farmer’s wife who told us all about her jobs and how she looked after the workers who were paid with food rather than money! It was a great day and we have got so many ideas to use in our Topic work this half term!


We’re also going to be studying rocks and soils in Science, looking at relationships in PSCHE and will be starting Spanish again – this time taught by Mrs Foley – eek!


Spring 2

Well it’ll certainly be a quieter half term without Mr Hughes but he left Year 3 a present – yet more class pets! We have found out all about Triops which are crustaceans (related to crabs and woodlice) which live in water and have been around since the time of dinosaurs! We have made them a comfortable home with lots of water (not from a tap though as the chlorine will kill them!) and will be watching out for them to hatch over the next few days.

We received a present in assembly this morning which was two books by the same author, Judi Barrett. The first is called ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ and is a story all about the fictional town of Chewandswallow where all of the food comes from the sky! Instead of rain, it rains things like juice and tomato soup , it doesn’t snow snow but mashed potato and green peas and the winds bring in very strange things such as storms of hamburgers and fried eggs!



We will be using the story to look at the country it is from, America and also at different types of weather. We will also be creating our very own wacky weather forecasts and newspapers, The Chewandswallow Digest.

In Literacy, we will also be looking at books and poetry by Carol Ann Duffy and with Miss Drake, we will be creating our own shape poems!

Our Numeracy work will be looking at telling the time and scales and measures for the first few weeks and then onto multiplication and division (maybe Mrs Foley might use some of her favourite chocolate cake to show this!)

Our other subjects will link into our Topic, such as Teeth in Science and healthy eating in PSCHE.

Welcome to Year 3!

Spring 1


Happy New Year everyone!!


Well, after an extremely exciting autumn term, the teachers in Year 3 are hoping the children are ready to work just as hard this half term.

The children’s learning will start off with a BANG this week when they will be meeting some crazy scientists who will be keen to compete for the title of ‘best experiment’…The children will be spending their Topic time developing their questioning skills and using their investigative talents to discover answers to some difficult scientific theories.


In Literacy, we will be continuing our Myths and Legends unit, using our maps to create some exciting and adventurous stories. We will also be focusing on our non-fiction writing later on in the half term and using our new skills and knowledge to present some of our scientific findings.


Our Numeracy lessons will be jam-packed with calculations – especially subtraction - a tricky area that the children need some practice on. We will also be data handling - looking at graphs, tables and charts and using these to answer some very tricky questions.


Mrs Foley and Mr Hughes’ New Year’s resolution? To give out more pen licenses of course! The children’s handwriting has improved massively and we can’t wait to reward the children by giving out as many pens as possible!

Autumn 2


With the arrival of mysterious letters during assembly, it seems that all of our teachers have been called to do their bit in the war effort!! The year is 1939 and Mr Hughes is now an office on a Royal Navy battleship and Mrs Foley is working for the Auxilary Airforce as a RADAR operator. We will be learning all about conflict even back in the Viking age and its affects in our new topic... Under Attack!!

We will be showing our learning by writing non-fiction texts and learning how we can use plants for food in our Science topic, helping plants grow.
We will be working hard towards a very festive Focus Friday. Keep logging on for more details.


Autumn 1

What a fantastic half term. We have welcomed our class ants and are delighted to say that they have settled well in to their new home. They have dug a fantastic network of tunnels and we have now found out they hate chocolate chip cookies!! We will keep you updated on their progress.
We have been working hard on our suitcase story...if you want to find out more about Ivan and the Firebird, a story we have written then come along to focus friday.

We look forward to next half term which will kick off with our Halloween Disco.
Who know's what else Mr Hughes and Mrs Foley will have in store for us?

Mrs Foley and Mr Hughes cannot wait to welcome Year 3 back. We hope you had a lovely summer holiday and are ready to work your little socks off!

We’ve got lots of exciting things planned for you. Mr Hughes and Mrs Foleyhave been practising their acting skills in preparation for the arrival of a tall, very thin and slightly wooden new classmate! 

We are missing our butterfly friends but don’t worry we are ANT-icipating an army of new visitors very soon!!!


Gallery 1
Gallery 2 Mrs Foley's group having lunch in the rain!
Gallery 3 Large pig at Home Farm
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Gallery 7 Charlie at the Science Fair
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