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Yr 2 - Venus

Welcome to Year 2!


Summer 2


This half term, our Swarcliffe's focus the Olympics and we are even preparing our own Swarcliffe Games later this half term, so let's hope the weather is kind! We are designing our own class Olympic flags and planning our own version of an event for our day of Games!
You can follow the official torch relay throughout Britain on!

We have just completed our final end of year SATS, showing off just how much amazing progress we have made!

In literacy, are looking at non-chronological reports, learning how to present information appropriately.

In numeracy, we are going over everything we have done this year to consolidate our learning!

We are really looking forward to getting ready to move up into Year 3 very soon!!

Summer 1

We travelled back in time over a hundred years to the Victorian Age at Beamish Open Living Museum! It was amazing to see first-hand how people used to live! We couldn't believe just how strict the Headmaster was and how plain and stark the classrooms were. Did you know that there was a real open fire to heat up the room and naughty children got the cane!

In Literacy, we are writing recounts of our experiences, diary entries and letters.

In Numeracy, we are working on our mental recall, especially timetables, and we are learning how to multiply and divide higher numbers.


Spring 2

Spring is in the air! Only four weeks to go till the Easter holidays, but still plenty of time to cram in tons and tons of exciting learning! Our focus is World Kitchen and we have a very special class book called The Way Meat Loves Salt, which is a traditional Jewish version of the fairytale Cinderella! As part of our learning we will be studying Judaism, looking at differences and similarities between their faith and ours. We are also visiting a synagogue to see what goes on in there! We will be inviting all the other classes to come along and find out all about what we have learned very soon!

In Literacy we are reading the Horrid Henry series of books and comparing with other books by the same author, Francesca Simon. We are learning lots of facts about her life and how she was inspired to create the Horrid Henry character. We are also writing our own stories in the same style!

In Numeracy we are have been looking at data collection and starting to measure length using rulers. Now we are into our money topic and going coin crazy!

In science we are looking at Health and Growth and how some medicines can be dangerous. In PSHCE we are thinking about how special and unique we all are.

Watch this space for exciting news! :)

Happy New Year everyone from all of Year 2 children and the team!!


After our Christmas holiday, we are raring to go again for the next exciting half term! Our Focus has already got off to an explosive start with our launch assembly!!

The "scientists" (teachers) donned lab coats and goggles galore to showcase their favourite experiments. Some of them were rather loud and messy but Mrs Haj Ayed's balloon experiment was the best by far when it made Elliott's hair stand on end!!


We are now researching our own favourite class experiment and brushing up on our predicting, questioning and investigative skills  to produce an experiment to wow not just school, but parents alike on our Focus Friday at the end of half term!

In Literacy, we're brushing up our spellings and handwriting, whilst focussing on stories in familiar settings.


In Numeracy, we are playing with numbers, patterns and sequences, including place value. Not long to go till we break up again - do you think it will snow before then???!!!



Well, who would have thought we would have had our assembly interrupted when all the teachers were given envelopes containing call-up papers for service! Next minute we were all back in full uniform! This has been a fantastic opportunity to remember and find out about conflict in the past, especially the World Wars. The children have been detectives and have found out all about any of their relatives who may have been involved- some have brought photographs, memoirs and Mrs Prince, our Class Governor wowed us with her amazing collection of genuine artefacts, photos, certificates, diaries, letters, embroidered postcards and even real medals! Some things were a hundred years old. We have to be very careful when anyone brings anything, making sure it is handled carefully.

You can find a link at the bottom of our page which connects to more interesting facts about the wars...


Mrs Haj Ayed and Mrs Harding welcome everyone back to Year 2!  We have had an amazing kick start to the new school year and have already grown so much in independence and maturity. Mrs Haj Ayed was busy gardening in the summer when she dug up an old tiny chest, buried in the ground! When we cleaned it up and opened it, inside was a numerical code. This code took us to a website with a fabulous poem called The Magic Box!!! It got us straight into thinking about our own poems and special memories that we would like to keep in our own magic boxes!This half term we have also been focussing on Suitcase Stories - launched by an exciting surprise visit from the theatre company, who took us on lots of magical adventures around the world, all from just a few old bits and bobs in a battered old suitcase!

Come in and see our classroom environment - its just packed with excitement, colour and learning showcases! We've been writing our own descriptive poems and fantasy stories; discovering all the secrets to success in Reading, Writing and Numeracy; how we become detectives to mark and improve our own work; use our art skills to sketch self-portraits and create scenes from the journeys around the world; shaping up our handwriting and we even have lots of fabulous new provision areas to make our learning the best ever! Our Good To Be Green chart and 3Es beanstalk helps us to get the best out of every minute of each day, so this half term we have earned an afternoon of choosing for reaching our Investors In Pupils class targets yey!!! We've already had open mornings and parents evenings, as well as Sports Day at the beginning of half term, Penalty Shoot Out and Harvest Festival also went brilliantly well this week and Focus Friday shows the parents and school exactly what we have been doing this half term. Haven't we all been busy and aren't we all lucky? Keep watching this space - because we have lots of exciting and fun learning ready for the NEXT half term?!

Remember our attendance stars will be given to everyone who comes to school on time and will have their name put into a hat to be selected for a prize at the end of each week. Happy half term everyone!

STOP PRESS! Della and Elliott were picked out of the hat to win prizes today!
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