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Yr 2 - Earth

Welcome to the final half term of the year!


It’s been one busy year so far and it will continue for 7 more weeks!

Not only will we be completing our Key Stage 1 SAT’s but we will be 

challenging our learning right to the very end.


In Literacy, we will be exploring our use of grammar and sentence construction. Excitingly, we will also be entering a story competition with our work based on The Great Pet Sale! Cross your fingers we might have a winner! In the final four weeks we will be exploring persuasive writing linked to some very unusual pets… sounds strange? You’ll have to wait and 


In Numeracy, we have my money weeks where we will be investigating the value of our money, how it is made, spent and what it is needed for. I know how protective Year 2 are about their tuck shop money so I know they will enjoy these learning opportunities.


In Science, we will continue our learning all about animals 

finding out what it means to be alive and how we can classify and group the animals and other living things in different ways.

Our topic this half term revolves around Year 2’s personal learning skills. We will be focusing on life skills that the children will need to build confidence and other key skills needed to be successful, such as learning to work together and appreciate others opinions and ideas.

As well as all of this fun and learning we have upcoming visits from the D-side bus team and our fabulous trip to the amazing Yorkshire wildlife Park! I, personally can’t wait so I know Year 2 will be extremely excited!!!

Get ready to take a walk on the wild side this half term in Year 2!

We are going to go animal mad exploring stories by Giles Andreae 

comparing the different animal tales and having a go at writing our own!

One of our key stories will be Giraffes can’t dance. From this superb story we will be creating our own giant Giraffe art, as well as exploring the species through poetry and information texts. In PE we will prove that even if Giraffes can’t dance Year 2 can!

Later in the term we will be investigating lots of Numeracy and Literacy skills with a focus towards our upcoming SAT’s so like elephants Year 2 will ‘never forget’ the skills they will need to succeed!


There are also lots of wild surprises arriving in our classroom which Miss Taylor is very excited about!!!! They may creep, they may crawl... but you will find out! Are you excited?


Get ready for a roaring good time!



Hi, hello and welcome back to a short but action packed half term!


After Year 2’s excitement and interest in the vicious Victorians last half term we have decided to extend our historical exploration this time focusing on the disgusting health habits of the vile Victorians!


Just to start you little knowledge seekers off..

Do you know that the Victorians didn’t have flushing toilets until 1858?


Guess what they did with their wee and poo until then??

They threw it into the street!!!!


Get used to grime and lots of gruesome facts this half term!







Happy New Year and a fresh welcome back to everyone in Earth class!

Miss Taylor and Mrs Coulson hope everyone has had an exciting Christmas break and got lots of presents but with a new half term we hope you are all ready for a new year of challenges.

Our new half term started with a usual whole school assembly (or so we thought). Suddenly from the back of the room Mrs Rothwell, Mrs Foley and Miss West rudely 

disturbed our enjoyment with an arguOut of the blue Miss Taylor, Miss Wilson and Mrs Revill argued that Victorians are much more fascinating and that the Key Stage 1 teachers were much better historians, while Mrs Park said Tudors are the best period in history and she was the best!!ment about who knew the most Egyptian facts!

Out of the blue Miss Taylor, Miss Wilson and Mrs Revill argued that Victorians are much more fascinating and that the Key Stage 1 teachers were much better historians, while Mrs Park said Tudors are the best period in history and she was the best!!



Mrs Sanderson was furious with the teachers for arguing in front of the children and decided to challenge the school to prove which year group were the best history detectives!


In Year 2 we are going to prove that the Victorians are, by far, the most vile and villainous people to study. 

In Literacy we will be exploring a famous Victorian story by Charles Kingsley – The Water 


Babies – 

we will explore this long story in chapters and using our new Talk for writing experience we will write our own superb versions of the story. Look out I’m sure there will be Fire babies about!!!

In ICT and RE we will be learning about a popular bedtime story used in Victorian times - Noah’s Ark – we will be using ICT software to create our own old style comic strip for 

Victorian England!


In Topic will be when we transform into historian detectives! We will be finding out all about different things that happened in this fabulous era – gruesome and grizzly facts to make your skin crawl like …

In Victorian times soldiers returning from war injured often needed their legs or arms amputating! The limb was removed and thrown to the pigs outside the hospital where it was eaten! Soon the fat piggy’s were killed and served in the hospital to the patients whose limb had been amputated – they technically ate their own arms and legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow this term is going to be gruesome!


Some mysterious and magical things have been happening this half term!  During our PACT time a strange note was discovered directing the whole class into the hall where we discovered a video had been set up for us to watch! It started playing itself and an unusual wizard appeared explaining he had a magical package to send us.  The parcel arrived and Year 2 have to help a young witch name Margo to complete her school prospectus (Sprogwarts School of Mystery and Magic) which she accidently blanked during her spells lesson! If we help her complete her task she has promised to let us join her at Sprogwarts for a day! We are very excited and have set to the task already!

Keep your eyes peeled for any mysterious or magical things going on around you it could be linked to Sprogwarts! 


Hello and Welcome to Year 2!


It’s a new academic year and a bright new start for our pupils. Miss Taylor and Mrs Coulson are looking forward to an exciting first half term. We will be learning all about Being and Belonging with a focus on our Geography skill development. Get your maps at the ready to go exploring!!

As a general reminder PE will now be on a Friday so please ensure your child has a kit in school. Times tables will be completed every Thursday with a practise table going home with Learning Logs on Mondays.

Class readers and book bags will be changed when children’s reading records have been signed and returned every night apart from Wednesdays.

We are extremely eager to start our year with an active drive to our learning! Let’s Go Year 2!