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Unusual pets


A huge welcome back for our final half term of the school year, I hope you all had a lovely week off and are ready for a full and fun packed few weeks.

This term, we will be continuing with our Animals topic and in Literacy we have been using the story of Hieronymus Betts and His Unusual Pets as a starting point. We have already created our own unusual pets and we will be using these in both our fiction and non-fiction writing.

What do you think?

Picture 1
Picture 2

In Numeracy, as part of national My Money Week, we have been learning all about money and what it is used for. We have looked at different coins and how we can use these to make up different amounts to buy items from the shop we’ve set up in the classroom. 

For our Topic, we will be looking at the area and environment surrounding Swarcliffe.  We will be looking at what the local area has to offer and using this to design a poster encouraging people to visit the area.


We are already looking forward to Sports Day on 9th July


and our whole school trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park 



Summer 1


Welcome back!! We hope you have had a great Easter holiday and are all feeling refreshed and ready for the Summer term.  We have our fingers crossed that this term will be full of warmth, new life and exciting learning opportunities.


This term, our topic is Animals and we have already begun to explore the different habitats in which they live.  We will be exploring this further with magical trips to far off lands and some special visitors of the exotic, furry and scaly variety. We will be posting photo’s on the class page soon!

Today, we were excited to receive a visit from Morley Exotic Animals.  We met lots of rare and exotic animals and were very brave - would you be as brave as us?  Photo's will be uploaded soon!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

In our Literacy, we have been learning about stories from other cultures and have read, ‘We’re Going on a Lion Hunt’, which is based in the African country of Kenya.  We have only been back in school for one week and we can already recite the whole story along with actions – the class have read it to Mrs Revill and Miss Hooks and they were very impressed! 

Please keep checking here as we will update the class page later in the term to keep you updated with what we are learning.

General information


As we are hoping for some hot weather, please ensure that your child brings a water bottle into school everyday.  Please note, these aren't washed in school so will need to be taken home regularly to keep germs at bay.


We will continue to change your child's home reader book on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday so we ask that you please make sure your child brings their book bag in on those days.

Should you have any questions or queries regarding your child or their learning please feel free to speak with me direct.


Spring Term 2


Welcome back, we hope you had a lovely half term break and are feeling fully refreshed for another exciting term in Mercury. This term, we are pleased to welcome Mrs Hartley and Miss Hooks into our classroom and we are busy teaching them the rules and routines of Year One.


The new half term has got off to an exciting start with a mysterious visitor leaving a trail of clues around the school. We followed the clues and found a copy of the fairy tale ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ at the end! We are more than a little bit scared as we think it might have been the giant who left the clues! We used the story as an inspiration and have designed a new house for the Giant. We have used our models and pictures as inspiration to think of interesting, describing words to use in our writing. 


We will be continuing with our Horrible Histories topic and later in the term will be investigating what happened in the Victorian times if you became ill and had to go to hospital. We will keep let you know what we find out! Our role play area has been transformed into a hospital and we are looking forward to practising our first aid skills.



As our science focus this term, we will be exploring the life of plants and investigating what they need to grow. We will be having a competition to grow our own plant. I wonder who will look after theirs carefully and prove themself to be the most ‘Green Fingered’ member of our class…


Spring Term 1 


A huge welcome back and a Happy New Year!  We hope you had a great Christmas and that Father Christmas remembered to visit you all. We’re sure he did.


Horrible Histories


This half term started with a rather unusual assembly….all was going well, with Mrs Sanderson welcoming us all back to school, when a loud argument broke out between the Key Stage Two teachers. 


Teachers arguing, what a disgrace!


Year Five and Year Six thought that they were the best Historians and that the Ancient Egyptians was the best era, Year Three and Year Four argued that the Tudors was the most interesting period in history. Of course, Key Stage One teachers refused to be left out of this argument as we knowthat the Victorian era is the most interesting period in history! (After all Queen Victoria was the longest reigning monarch) 


So, Mrs Sanderson has set us a challenge. We now need to prove that our era in history is the most exciting period in History. 


Can we do it? Yes we can! 



We will be using Alice in Wonderland, which is probably, the most famous Victorian story of all time for our Literacy focus and using this to help create our own fantasy characters and story settings.

The role play area has been transformed into The Mad Hatter’s Café and the children have already enjoyed spending time in there as part of their Numeracy lesson on Thursday.  Mrs Revill gave them the challenge to use the menu to work out what two things they could buy for 11p, 18p and 15p.  They did really well and we will be posting some photo’s on here soon. 


Our Topic will be focussing on Victorian children, what life was like for them and comparing it to life now. Did they go to school? What was school like? What games did they like to play? 


We don’t know yet, but we’ll let you know when we find out!



General reminders

PE is on a Thursday afternoon, please make sure that your child has their PE kit in school at this time so they are able to take part.


 Please ensure that your child has pumps at school.  If they are lost or outgrown, don’t forget you can purchase these from the school office.





Autumn Term Two

Mystery and Magic


A big welcome back from the half term break and I hope you are fully recharged for what is already turning out to be an exciting term. 

Mystery and Magic has found it’s way into the school and Key Stage One has been magically transformed into Sprogwarts School of Mystery and Magic.  Budding witches and wizards will find flying lessons, a potion and spell shop and much, much more!

A strange and mysterious wizard has magically sent a package to the school with intriguing parcels for each class inside.  Mercury were very excited to find a prospectus for The Sprogwarts School of Mystery and Magic in their parcel but were shocked to find that trainee witch, Margo had deleted everything from the booklet while practising her spells!

Margo has asked for our help to bring back (by magic or by hard work) all the missing information – can we do it?





Children in Need


On Friday 16th November, the whole school supported Children in Need by coming to school in their pyjamas, slippers and dressing gowns! The children (and staff!) really enjoyed this and we hope that the money raised will help children in need to have a better life.



Thia term, our PACT (Personalised Accelerated Children’s Target) is to learn the days of the week and the months of the year.  We have a great song which is helping us learn the days of the week and we will be using our classroom birthday board to talk about each month of the year and what happens during that month, as well as the different seasons. 
I’m sure the children will love talking about December and all the exciting things that happen during that month!



PE is each Thursday, please make sure your child has their PE kit in school on this day so they are able to join in. 

Homework will be sent home each Monday in your child’s Learning Log.  This is due in on the following Friday but please feel free to hand this in earlier if it is finished. 

To help your child with their reading and writing, each Monday we will be sending home six high frequency words to practise for a small spelling test the following Friday.  Please support your child by encouraging them to practise reading and writing these words at least four times during the week. 

As you are aware, to encourage your child to read at home, from Monday 1st October, we have introduced a reward system.  Each time your child reads at home, please sign their reading record and they will be given a raffle ticket.  Each Friday, a ticket will be selected at random and that child will receive a prize.  The more they read, the more chances to win!


Please feel free to speak with me direct if you have any questions or queries about your child’s learning or wellbeing. 

Mrs Revill





Picture 1 Children in Need
Picture 2 Mystery and Magic in Year One
Picture 3 Mystery and Magic in Year One
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