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At Swarcliffe Primary and Nursery School we are determined to create an inclusive culture of learning where all children are challenged in their thinking, to achieve to the best of their abilities and strive to become lifelong learners.

We will empower our children to overcome barriers to learning and to develop a resilience to help them succeed in the wider world later in life. We celebrate our successes and strive to promote a love and enjoyment of learning, enabling all our children to become respected citizens who can make valuable contributions locally, globally and to contribute to our world’s sustainable future.


As a school we aim to ensure that each child:


  •  Develops high self esteem, confidence and a true feeling of self-worth and develops a sense of responsibility.
  • Is valued for their individual contributions and develops a positive attitude towards everyone in the life of the school and community.
  • Will be enriched, motivated and challenged by a broad and balanced curriculum and will be valued for all their efforts and achievements.
  •  Is able to respond positively as a learner to all aspects of English, maths, ICT and science and performs at a level of competency in all areas with confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Develops a lively, enquiring mind and life skills so that he/she will have the ability to experiment, investigate, take risks, challenge, discriminate and make informed choices both at school and in the rest of their life.
  • Develops the skills and attitudes necessary to work both independently and collaboratively.
  • Will be given equal opportunities to participate in all aspects of school life.
  • Acquires a set of moral values and attitudes including honesty, respect, sincerity, trust and personal responsibility.
  • Develops an understanding of citizenship and their role in the community.
  • Develops an understanding and respect for other races, cultures, gender, people with disabilities, religions and associated points of view.
  • Appreciates the spiritual nature of life.


We believe our aims provide the basis for the delivery of a dynamic curriculum, the provision of a stimulating and creative learning environment and a foundation which will prepare every child for the changing nature of society.

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