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Summer 2 



Welcome back to the final term and the run up to the summer holidays and for some of us, the run up to big school!!

It’s a very exciting time for the older children this term and they will be spending a lot of time in Reception to getting themselves used to their new classroom. The last 3 weeks of the term will be very busy, with the children meeting their new teacher

for next year and getting to know them. 

We will also be thinking about the Summer arriving and looking at all the changes that have occurred to our nursery back garden and around the school grounds.

Fingers crossed we see Mr Sunshine lots this half term!!


Summer 1


Welcome back! 


We hope you had a lovely Easterand enjoyed all the chocolate eating!  

Nursery has even more new friends to welcome in and is very excited to have met Reception's new friend too….not a human friend but Rocky the Rabbit!

We discovered Rocky the Rabbit on our secret adventure we went on when the rest of the school was out on a whole school trip. We went exploring  through the school and sneaked into classrooms, sat in the staffroom, crept around the corridors, looked in lockers, met Glen in the office and even had a nosey in the kitchen where all the food for some of our dinners are made!

Also this term we are looking forward to Spring really starting and will begin to think about the different vegetables and plants that we need to start planting in our vegetable area….all with the help of Kay’s green fingers!  


Welcome back to Nursery after the half term.......

Once again we have new starters that we are welcoming into Nursery and getting them settled into the different things that they can do whilst at Nursery.
We have decided that to help us with remember the rules and routines of Nursery, we would make a star chart. If we remember to listen to adults, care and share with our friends  care and share with our toys and tidy up, then Sarah will reward us with a star on the chart! If we fill the chart for the week then we recieve a treat (so far we have had a lucky dip and sweeties!) THEN...if 


we fill the chart for the whole term then we will get to have an EASTER PARTY!!!!   WOW!


So, we are trying really hard to fill the chart and helping the new children understand the rules too!
Its also the start of Spring so we are looking forward to going out to see the changes that have occured on the different trees and plants around the school. We have already noticed that the weather is getting warmer and the sun has been out to say hello a few times too! 




Spring 2


Welcome back from Sarah, Kay and Jade!


We hope you have all had a lovely break away from Nursery and feeling ready to come back to play! The whole team are looking forward to meeting our new friends and showing them how much fun we all have in nursery.


Spring 1 


Happy New Year and welcome back to Nursery! We hope you have all had a lovely Christmas break with lots of fun and celebrations. 

We are beginning to welcome lots of new Nursery friends and helping them get settled and feel happy with their new surroundings

We have lots planned for this half term but are mainly keeping our fingers crossed that we get snowso we can go out into the garden and enjoy it!


 End of Autumn 1!!!


What a brilliant first half term to the year we have had in Nursery.......

All our new starters are starting to feel more settled in the setting and with a little help from our 'old' Nursery friends they are trying hard to remember the routines and rules! 


We have also been really enjoying being out in our new backgarden and have loved putting our welly boots on and exploring in the big open space. We especially LOVE the new digging area where we can get very messy..... we even discovered dinosaur eggs hidden in there that then hatched over night! it was so exciting!


We are now all ready and waiting for MORE new Nursery friends to start so there will be even 

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