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Murton Park

Murton Park Visit – Year 3/4

Monday 16th April 2018

On Monday and Tuesday Year 3/4 visited Murton Park near York. When we arrived a Viking lady greeted us on the bus. We went into the banquet hall and learnt lots of facts about Vikings. We discovered how to say Good morning - Góðan daginn, found out where Vikings originated from, Denmark, Norway and Sweden (altogether Scandinavia) and found out that the most important tool to a Viking man was his wife!

After this, we dressed up as Vikings and went down to the Viking village. We had to work for the Lord, who was quite impressed with our efforts and let us stay for the day. We farmed the land, made pottery and bread, guarded the gates and collected firewood for the fire. It was a fantastic day and we would love to go back again!