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The adults in the Foundation Stage are;



Miss Boden (Teacher)

Miss Coates (Teacher)

Mrs Coulson (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Carey (Speech and Language)

Miss Scarlett (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Wilkinson (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Pell (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Stewart (Teaching Assistant)




Miss Law (Teacher)

Miss Mantey (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Kamga(Teaching Assistant)


This page contains weekly news, class newsletters, photos of interesting activities and useful links.


Summer 2

This half term, we plan to base our learning around the question, 'How do we go on holiday?'. We will be sharing our own holiday experiences by looking at photographs and talking about our memories of going on holiday. We plan to prepare for our own 'mini holiday' to Ponderosa by writing lists and researching how to get there by looking at maps. We will be mixing powder paints and using oil pastels to create seaside pictures. We will also be  preparing for our Assembly that takes place on Monday 8th July. 

Summer 1

This half term our learning will be based around the question, "What happens on the farm?". We will be meeting lots of different farm animals from Ian's Mobile Farm. We will we be preparing for his visit by talking and writing about the information that we want to find out from Ian. We will be continuing to explore addition and subtraction in lots of different ways and will be beginning to look at 3D shapes.  We also plan to spend time exploring the story, "Farmer Duck", which will enable us to think about friendship and teamwork. 


Spring 2

This half term we are investigating the question, "Can I see patterns around me?".

We have already been on a Spring walk to experience the changes that happen outside at this time of year. We will be growing our own grass and have just received a special delivery of baby caterpillars - they are already beginning to grow and change. We will be learning how to use non-fiction books to find out information about our caterpillars and the other living things that we find when we go on a bug hunt later in the half term. 





Spring 1

This half term we are exploring the question, 'Are aliens real?'. We found clues about our topic which led us to come up with lots of different questions. We will be exploring these questions over the next few weeks. We will be using non fiction books and the internet to find out information as well as enjoying lots of different picture books such as, 'Aliens love Underpants', 'Alien school' and, 'Whatever Next'.

Autumn 1 

This half term our learning will be based around 'Ourselves'. We will be reading stories and information books about families and we will be talking about feelings and all the things that make us special. 

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