Reading at Swarcliffe Primary School 


Our children love to read and are encouraged to read from the minute they arrive at Swarcliffe Primary School. We are extremely proud of the quality of texts we share with our children. 

We use Read, Write, Inc and its extensive range of resources to teach our children the phonic knowledge and spelling patterns needed when blending and segmenting words. Fred the Frog helps us along our phonics journey, supporting us in reading our green words. As a school, we recognise the importance of early reading in order to promote a deep love of reading. 

These skills are woven into our rich and broad curriculum. To develop comprehension and understanding of texts we use a range of schemes across school including: Rigby Star; Bug Club; Phonics Bug; RWI books; First News newspapers and our quality shared texts. We are very proud of the high quality texts we use and we ensure children are exposed to a variety of text types and authors to allow them to find their love of books. 

Our Cannon of Classics provides children with timeless texts to experience again and again. Alongside these, children are challenged to read as many as possible from our '100 books in...' list. 

Swarcliffe Reading Characters

Swarcliffe Reading Animals 

These animals help us develop our comprehension skills. 

Swarcliffe Reading Animals 

Phonics and Reading in FS and KS1

Children are taught to read through the programme Read, Write, Inc. RWI, which focuses on letter sounds and formation, ensures our children get off to a flying start in reading! Find out more information by clicking the clip...


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