How do our bodies work?

LQ: Can I research how to be healthy? 

Tuesday, 8th September 2020

The children in 5/6 have been writing explanation texts in their English lessons. In order to do this the children had to carry out extensive research. 

LQ: Can I describe how the body creates energy?

Wednesday, 16th September 2020

We have been exploring the different organs and systems in the human body and their functions. On Wednesday we re-enacted the journey blood makes through the circulatory system. 

LQ: Can I find number bonds to a specific number of any value?

Friday, 11th September 2020

The children were practicing their quick recall of number bonds during their Maths Basic Skills lesson. 

LQ: Can I order and compare different representations of numbers?

Thursday, 17th September 2020

We started the year by revisiting place value. We have looked at different ways of representing numbers, as well as comparing numbers and ordering them in ascending and descending order. As part of this we also looked at placing numbers on a number line, which was quite tricky, but the children soon got the hang of it.