How are images created?


As this is the first week back for most of our children, we have recapped our fraction knowledge from the previous two weeks. We have looked at unit, non-unit and equivalent fractions. Also we have begun to add and subtract fractions from one another!

In science this week we have been looking at light and dark. One of our lessons focused on the use of mirrors to show how light can be manipulated. We demonstrated this by drawing paths on our tables and challenging ourselves to try and get the light from our torches to follow this path.

We have been focusing on inventions this week in science for our second week of Science Fortnight! We highlighted the children's safety outside of school on the main road as a problem. We designed and pitched our ideas for a retro-reflective school coat to improve the safety of children.

In music we were looking at sequencing Earcons. Earcons are short bursts of music such as those from microwaves and washing machines. We had to listen to different sounds and choose which Earcon was represented.


"I did not know sounds could be represented using icons" - Leo

In English this week we took our classes outside to participate in some drama. We used the freeze frame technique to show an alternative ending to our topic book: Ottoline and The Yellow Cat.


"I enjoyed the drama instead of a written plan because I could think of more information" - Alexzanda

We have had some very exciting news this week with our eggs in the nurture room hatching! The chicks pictured were only a couple of days old, and the children were super careful and respectful!


"The chicks were a really nice treat at the end of a busy week!" - Layla D

This week in computing we have been linking our work to maths. We used purple mash to create bar models on our classes favourite food, colour and pets.


"I did not realise that I could create bar charts on a laptop" - Deacon

In Golden Time this week we created our own Easter egg baskets and conducted small Easter egg hunts within our classes!

This week our Easter Egg and Bonnet entries were judged and three winners were announced for each category! All of our entries were superb and everyone had a great time looking at the other entries from different phases!