Who was the first man on the Moon?

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Classrooms ready!

Here you can the see the range of space themed displays and areas designed to grab the children's interest and give them exciting environments to further their learning.

Our launch

The children explored the crash site looking for clues about what had happened. They all then discussed their ideas with each other! Then, they attempted some astronaut activites such as: eating astronaut food, completing spaceship repairs and completing tasks in water (to replicate space).

A Rocket Crash!

You'd never guess what happened?! A rocket crashed into our library! It created such a mess! Here are some pictures of what we found. You can read our thought on the left!

We started the term looking at division. We had just finished learning how to multiply so we could use our understanding to help us!

We used counters to split amounts in to equal groups and then counted the amount in each group. 

'You take the full amount and then put one into each group until you've given them all out.' Layla

'All the groups have to be equal!' Maximus

Sketching Planets

Peter Thorpe Artwork



As part of our Art topic we first looked at sketching planets. We though carefully about how we used the pencils to create a range of lines with different thicknesses and shades. We used sketch lines to create a accurate circle and then added detail and design from studying images of the planets.



We then used different techniques to create a background in the style of Artist Peter Thorpe, who is known for his bright colours and abstract shapes. We used a range of coloured paints and flicked the brush to create splatter patterns to represent the stary-night sky.

Creating the Background

English - Story Mapping

In English, we had lots of fun story mapping 'The Man on the Moon' by Simon Bartram.


'First, we read the story.' Oliver

'Then, we drew pictures for each part.' Isabella

'And then we acted it all out!' Cooper


Have a look at the pictures on the right to see some of the actions we chose!

What's your favourite colour?

Displaying our findings!

Maths - Statistics

In Maths, we looked at tally charts and bar charts using an investigation.

We asked other children in the class what their favourite colour was and marked it down in our tally chart. We then used a range of items to show our findings on a bar chart. Then we talked about which colour was most popular (blue), and which colour was least popular (white).


Have a look at some of our charts!


Papier Mache Planets!

In Design Technology, we made our very own planets!


'We mixed glue and water and put paper in it and stuck it on the balloon.' Jake

'We put loads on until you couldn't see the balloon, except the bottom bit.' Oliver

'We painted them when they had dried.' Jack

'We made them look like the pictures.' Amelia