Are aliens real?

This half term, we have been investigating if we think aliens are real or not. A spaceship visited us and left some baby aliens for us to look after! We learnt how to care for and look after an alien and learnt about the planets that they might come from.


We learnt about Tim Peake and how astronauts live when out in space. We wrote questions for Tim to find out how he brushed his teeth, showered, used the toilet and much more! We told him why we would make good astronauts and are waiting for a response from NASA to see if we qualify! We wrote rules telling people how to look after aliens and wrote to the alien parents to let them know that their babies are safe and how they are getting on. We also have been very busy visiting the moon! We created our own space googles and took off in a rocket into out of space! 


We continued to improve our number recognition and understanding with the help of Numberblocks. We focused on looking at the composition of numbers, including learning about number bonds to 5. We also enjoyed learning about measuring and talking about size. We compared the size of lots of different objects, ordered them in different ways and then moved on to measuring using a ruler!




We followed our interest of Space by investigating the texture of moon sand and making our own! We explored similarities and differences in lots of different materials. We looked at how materials changed when mixed together when we created our own bubble snakes with water and washing up liquid! We also combined materials to create alien slime! It was a mixture of yucky and amazing!


Mental Health Week

We spoke about how important it is to be kind to ourselves and others. We spoke about what makes us happy and what helps cheer us up if we are feeling glum. We also spoke about how we can make others happy and wrote a recipe for being a good friend. We spoke about lots of different emotions and discussed what made us feel happy, sad, excited, grumpy and scared. We made feelings biscuits to show how we are feeling!