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Special Mentions

At Swarcliffe Primary School & Nursery we believe that it is important to encourage, praise and reward good behaviour and attitude.


Achievement certificates are presented in our Achievement Assembly which is held on a Friday morning. All parents, carers and governors are invited to attend at 9.10am


Friday 16th March 2018



Special Mentions

Meerkats - Oliva

Raccoons  -  Ethan

Koalas -  Christina

Tigers - Jack

Lions -  Millie-Mae

Leopards - Sophie

Wolves - Leyton

Bears - Logan & Reece

Gorillas -  Gracie

Homework Stars


Meerkats - Leo 

Raccoons -  Erica 

 Koalas - Kate

Tigers - Mia

Lions -  Aaron

Leopards - Kai & Lexi

Wolves - Stella & Holly

Bears - Luis & Rosie

Gorillas -  Oliver