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Phase 5/6

Autumn Term Two

Welcome back Phase 5/6 and hope you enjoyed a lovely half term holiday. Hopefully, you are well rested and ready for the new term. This term we will be answering the question: How has World War 2 impacted on life in Britain?



We will be starting this half term looking at the formal methods of subtraction. We will then be moving on to our times tables and fractions; looking at equivalent fractions and comparing fractions. We will be holding a mock SATs week half way through the term. This will show us where any gaps in knowledge are and inform our planning for future lessons within the phase. We will then finish this term looking at formal methods of multiplication and division.


Linked to our topic on World War 2, we will be reading Michael Morpurgo’s Friend or Foe. From this, we will be looking at the main character, David and exploring how (like him) children in Britain were evacuated to the countryside during the war. We will explore his feelings about this and write a diary entry from David’s perspective on his journey to his new home. Following our trip to Eden Camp, we will be writing recounts of our visit. We will then go back to ‘Friend or Foe’ and create an alternative ending to this narrative.



This topic will focus on the main events surrounding World War 2 and putting them into chronological order. Then we will look at a real turning point in the war, that of the Battle of Britain. Moving onto rationing, you will look at which foods were and were not rationed and why. You will then compare these foods and meals to the types of foods and meals that you eat now. We will then look at what life was like for the people of Germany during the war, focusing on the life of Anne Frank.



This term, we will cover light. We will recognise that light appears to travel in straight lines and use this idea to explain that objects are seen because they give out or reflect light into the eye. We will carry out various experiments into light and shadow.



In art this half-term, we will be looking at recreating the London Blitz through charcoal paintings. We will experiment with these materials and see what effects can be created.



At the end of the half-term we will be participating in music lessons. We will play and perform using our voices and musical instruments with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression.



Of course, at the end of this half-term is the Christmas holidays. You will be involved in lots of exciting, festive and fun activities throughout the last few weeks of term.


Autumn 2 Dates to Remember


Wednesday 7th November Army Visitor

Tuesday 13th November Giraffes’ Trip to Eden Camp

Wednesday 14th November Wolves’ Trip to Eden Camp

Thursday 15th November Gorillas’ Trip to Eden Camp

Thursday 22nd November Takeover Day

Monday 3rd December Christmas Jumper Day

Thursday 13th December Christmas Bingo

Tuesday 18th December Phase 5/6 Performance

Friday 21st December Carols around the tree

Autumn one

Welcome back year 5 and 6! We hope that you had a lovely and relaxing summer and are ready to join us for the exciting year we have ahead. Over our first half term we will be answering the question: How do our bodies work?





This half term we will be starting with place value and the number system. From reading and writing numbers up to 1,000,000 to ordering and comparing decimals, you will secure your basic understanding of numbers.

As well as this, we will look at the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplying and division. Best bring your thinking caps this week as we will be introducing new strategies which will help you progress as a mathematician.

As we develop the basic skills, we will apply these to solving a range of problems, ensuring your reasoning and problem solving skills are up to scratch!



To begin the half term, we will be focusing on explanation texts. Based on your own research, you will learn how to organise and write your own engaging and informative text, explaining how to stay healthy. You will develop your editing and improving skills by up levelling your writing.

After this we will be reading a series of short, inspiring stories about athletes such as Jessica Ennis-Hill (Olympic gold medallist). After exploring their lives, you will use these ideas to write your own motivational story!




As mentioned earlier, the human body will be our topic this half term. We will be focusing on learning how the circulatory system works as well as the effects of diet and exercise on our bodies. There will be lots of new scientific vocabulary to learn as we learn more and more, so you will need to make sure you are using your learning to keep your body and mind working perfectly.

You will investigate the effects of exercise on your own heart rate and think about why the changes occur.



As we explore the effects of exercise on our bodies, you will be challenged with creating your energetic work out video! You will take part in a range of Joe Wicks’ workout videos to gain your own ideas for what your work out video could include. You will then develop your filming and editing skills, as you create your own video.



Design and Technology


After researching a range of healthy meals and balanced diets, you will design and make your own nutritious menu. You will focus on your cutting skills as well as a range of cooking methods. 

Once you have perfected your menu, you will design and make your very own packaging to entice customers to buy your product!

R.E and Harvest Festival 


During the last two weeks, we will work towards our annual Harvest Festival; looking at poetry; art and performance dance. Hopefully your parents will join us on Wednesday 24th October.