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Phase 5/6

Welcome back everyone!


We hope you have all had a restful and enjoyable break and are happy to be back at school. This is an extremely important half term of learning, especially for those children in Year 6, as we continue to prepare for our SATs.




Literacy: We will be basing much of our writing on our class book Stig of the dump. We will from this book start to develop our key comprehension skills, such as information retrieval and inference, which will aid their overall understanding and enjoyment of the text. This half term we will also be concentrating on a key person from history, Charles Darwin,  from this research we will start to create our own biographies.


Think: What would you do if you found a pre historic man living near your house?



Numeracy: This half term we will investigating place value and the properties of number. We will also be working on the four operations for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


Think: We are always working on out times tables, which times tables facts can you recall quickly? Which facts do you need to practise at home?


History: We will this half term examine early human life, focussing on different stone age settlements such as Skara Brae. We will also alongside this look at how humanity has grown, adapted and evolved over time and the reasons behind this.


Art: As part of our study of the stone age, we will study cave paintings. To do this we will create our own cave paintings and also research famous sites across the globe. To create our stone age we will use a range of different mediums including: charcoal, chalk and oil pastels and some traditional Stone Age techniques.



Science: This half term, we will be looking at how fossils are formed and how our traits are inherited from our ancestors. We will also explore how different species have adapted to their environment through evolution.


Think: How have humans adapted to survive?

Autumn Newsletter 1 2017