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Autumn 2

We have had a fantastic start to the year and the children have come back to school full of enthusiasm! All the adults in year 5 and 6 really enjoyed getting to know all the children in the phase last half term and are extremely excited about the fun filled half term ahead.


Our topic this half term is:

What lies beyond Earth?





In English this half term, year 5 and 6 will be focusing our writing on a range of short Science Fiction stories. We will develop character and setting descriptions creating our own stories, diaries and non-fiction. We will also be reading a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction texts based on space, aliens and planets across other curriculum areas.


Think: Where would the events of your science fiction story take place? Who would be your main character? How would you describe them?



We will be focusing on applying a range of mathematics skills; securing number facts and working really hard to solve problems - especially the problems with more than a one-step calculation. To help with this, children should work hard on learning their multiplication and the inverse division facts. In the final two weeks, we will also focus on statistics


Think: What does the mathematical term statistics mean?



In Science we will learning about space, focusing on planets, gravity and the Moon. We will learn all about how the Earth's tilt and rotation around the Sun gives us night, day and seasons, and why some countries are hotter or colder than others. Children will learn about the phases of the moon and create moon diaries. In addition to this, children will develop the key skill of using evidence to support their scientific understanding.


Think: Why does the shape of the moon change?



During computing lessons, the children in year 5 and 6 will focusing on the skill of coding. They will use internet software to re-write websites! They will also be using Purple Mash to code their own games and programmes.


Design and Technology

The children will be learning to design and make moon buggies suitable for the purpose of travel. We will then evaluate our designs, looking at how effective it is in traveling on uneven surfaces. Children will have the opportunity to use a wider range of materials and tools to skillfully adapt their cutting, shaping and joining accurately.



Every Friday the children will continue to develop their ball and games skills with the coaches. As we are trying to use our outdoor space, they will need to bring jumpers and jogging bottoms as the weather gets colder. We will continue to have dance lessons for Key Stage 2 every Wednesday and Thursday (Wolves) afternoon, where they need a t-shirt and shorts.



This half term the children will be looking at the artist, Peter Thorpe and completing an artist study based on Space: Fictional Planets We will use a variety of different media and techniques to portray a scene from our planets, exploring how colour, tone and texture can be used to create different effects.



In R.E. lessons, the children will be studying Christianity and focusing on what matters most to believers. We will link this to the Christmas story.


Think: Why is Christmas important to Christians?


Educational Visits

This half term we plan to take children to the National Media Museum in Bradford to explore a Tim Peake exhibition. Please look out for letters containing further information about this exciting event.





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