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Welcome back. The children have come back to school full of enthusiasm! All the adults in year 5 and 6 are extremely excited about the fun filled term ahead.


Our topic this term is:

Who were the Ancient Greeks?





This term we will continue to develop our skills in speaking and listening, linking it to our topic on Ancient Greece. Children will learn poetry to recite to the class along with drama and role play activities. The children will read a variety of Greek myths and will become familiar with the key features in order to write and present their own Greek myth.



This term we will be continuing to develop our understanding of our Swarcliffe key skills allowing us to develop our problem solving skills linking this to our topic. Year 6 will be completing their SAT's in the week beginning 14th May 2018. We wish them every success.



We will be learning all about forces and investigating the different effects that they have on objects, us and the world.
Children will be implementing experiments to test theories and predictions that they create allowing them  to develop their sense of science in action and learning about the importance of fair testing.


This term we will be learning all about the lives and times of Ancient Greeks. We will be investigating what life was like and what they did for entertainment along with studying their influences on the western world today. We will be learning about how the Ancient Greeks democracy worked and how different cities ruled and organised its citizens. We will also look into how Ancient Greeks kept themselves healthy and exercised.


This term we will be learning to use search technologies effectively and appreciating how results are elected and ranked. We will be selecting, using and combining a variety of software and digital devices to design and create a range of presentations to show off our learning this term.



The children this term will be developing their skills following in Olympic footsteps. they will learn a variety of Olympic sports and sports-persons to encourage them to exercise and develop their talents in sports, Children will continue to be taught by coaches every Friday and will need PE kits, which they can wear to school every Friday. In addition, year 5 will need their PE kits for dance/gym on Thursdays.




Children will be learning to improve their mastery of art and design techniques including drawing, painting and sculpture with a range of materials. Along with discovering great artists, architects and designers that have inspired and influenced design, the children will experiment with making sculptures using clay and possibly sell their creations.



We will be learning all about why some places and journeys are special. We will be describing and making connections between different features of the religions and other world views, discovering more about prayer, celebrations , worship, pilgrimages and rituals which mark important points in life. We will look closely at the religions Ancient Greeks believed in ad how they celebrated their gods and beliefs.


Special Events
We will be experiencing a Greek day to celebrate all our learning and allow the children to taste and experience Greek foods and traditions.




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