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Phase 3/4

Summer 2

Welcome back 3/4, we hope you had a nice break! Are you ready for our new topic?

Why do animals hunt?


In our topic lessons we will be looking at all sorts of exciting things such as; locating different countries on a map, looking at different human and physical features of the UK, using laptops to research different predators, designing and setting a trap to catch Swarcliffe’s very own predator and debating about animals in captivity.


English lessons will be based on the story Beware of the Boys by Tony Blundell. We will be using our sentence types to create different pieces of writing. We will use our creative sides to produce our very own story based on Beware of the Boys and come up with our very own recipes!


In maths we will be revisiting the written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and will be using these skills to solve different problems. We will also be learning about co-ordinates and how to use them. Lastly for maths we will be exploring statistics and using our own information to create different graphs and charts.


In science this term we will be exploring animals and their food chains. This will include predators, prey and producers! We will also be exploring the digestive system and looking at the important role of teeth and how to keep them healthy.


Our RE sessions will be based around stories involving animals; one focus will be learning the Bible story David and the Lion. We will also be exploring a range of Hindu stories.


This term we are lucky enough to be visiting the Falconry Centre at Thirsk on the 18th and 19th of July. Your child will receive a letter outlining the day they will be attending the trip. The children will have the opportunity to watch the birds of prey in flight and might even be fortunate enough to hold them!


If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher J


Welcome back Year 3/4!

Hopefully you aren’t too full from all of your chocolate Easter eggs and are ready for our new topic: What did the Romans do for us?


In our topic lessons we will be locating Rome on a map and looking at the rise of the Roman Empire. We will be using the laptops to research how the Romans lived, the different Roman armies / battles and their leaders. We will be writing a non-chronological report to showcase what we have found.


English lessons will be based on the legend of Romulus and Remus. We will be learning how Romulus founded the Italian city of Rome, and will be writing our own myths and legends based on this story. We will also be using our sentence types to write interesting setting descriptions and a diary entry from a Roman soldier at battle.


In Maths we will be looking at how to write Roman numerals up to 100 and exploring where we see them in everyday life. Also, we will be working on our knowledge of the area and perimeter of shapes, rounding and fractions.


This terms Science will be based on the life cycle of plants. Children will have the opportunity to grow their own cress, which will help them discover what plants need to survive. We will also be exploring how water is transported through plants.


Our RE sessions will be based around the religion of Hinduism, and children will be learning about the story of creation.

The children will be experiencing life as a Roman on Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th of April, so make sure to wear your costumes, we will be!


Tigers Class assembly will be on Wednesday 3rd May, and we are looking forward to showcasing our learning.


If you have any questions, please contact your child’s class teacher.

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Science Fortnight

During Science fortnight, Phase 3/4 have been carrying out a range of different experiments.

We began with a visit from Harry the Science boffin, who taught us about the properties of plasma. We were lucky enough to be able to make our own colourful slime in a pot!

Our Science focus was Light and Dark, so we learnt about the different parts of the eye and how they help us to see clearly. We also looked at the different ways we can protect ourselves from the sun. Did you know that you can still be harmed by the sun’s rays on a cloudy day?

Next, we explored how shadows are made. We learnt about objects that are opaque, translucent and transparent, and even went on a hunt around school to find some examples of our own. We found out that we are opaque because we block the light and create shadows.

Then we designed our own investigations to find out if the distance of a light source effects the size of a shadow. When carrying out the investigations, we needed to make sure we kept it fair. To make our test fair, we decided that we would measure the distance in steps. We found out that the larger distance between an object and a light source, the smaller the shadow.

As well as all of these exciting activities, we also had a Science investigation day where we carried out lots of mini experiments. We created rocket balloons and predicted how our design would affect the speed of the rocket, we created shadow puppets and tested them on the walls of the classroom and we even managed to make a penny disappear and reappear by using water!

We all enjoyed this Science fortnight and found out lots of interesting facts. We cannot wait for next year!

Science Fortnight Pictures 2017

Science Fortnight Pictures 2017 1
Science Fortnight Pictures 2017 2
Science Fortnight Pictures 2017 3
Science Fortnight Pictures 2017 4
Science Fortnight Pictures 2017 5
Science Fortnight Pictures 2017 6
Science Fortnight Pictures 2017 7
Science Fortnight Pictures 2017 8
Science Fortnight Pictures 2017 9
Science Fortnight Pictures 2017 10
Science Fortnight Pictures 2017 11
Science Fortnight Pictures 2017 12
Science Fortnight Pictures 2017 13
Science Fortnight Pictures 2017 14
Science Fortnight Pictures 2017 15
Science Fortnight Pictures 2017 16


Welcome back Year 3/4! We hope you have had a nice half term and are ready for our new interesting topic: How are images created?


We will be using our Science lessons to explore how light is needed in order for us to see images. We will focus on reflecting light and what happens when it is blocked by different objects. Children will look at how shadows are formed and how exposure to the sun can damage their eyes and skin.


For our Maths sessions we will be focussing on the four operation methods to improve our skills. Further into the term, we will be recording data from Science experiments and interpreting this data in graphs and tables.


In English, we will be reading the book ‘Ottoline and the Yellow Cat’. They will be writing detailed character descriptions about Mr Munroe, creating their own postcards from faraway places and predicting what will happen at different sections of the story.


In History we will be looking specifically into local history. The children will be learning about World War One, in particular the Barnbow Lasses who worked in factories creating ammunition for the war. We will be looking at British history on a timeline, creating fact files to show what we have researched and designing our own propaganda posters.


Children will be focussing on artist David Hockney. We will be looking at and recreating some of his eye-catching paintings, drawings and digital art.

In RE sessions we will be looking into Christianity and the story of Easter. Children will have lots of fun opportunities in school to celebrate this holiday including Easter egg decorating.


The children will have the opportunity to dress as their favourite character for World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March. We are really excited to see your fantastic outfits!


We are really looking forward to an exciting, action-packed half term!


If you have any questions, please contact your child’s class teacher.


Welcome back Year 3/4! We hope you have had a lovely Christmas and are ready for our exciting new topic;

How do we hear sounds?


We will use our Science lessons to investigate how sounds are made by carrying out a range of investigations. Year 3/4 will explore the different parts of the ear and focus on how vibrations help us to hear different sounds. We will also be learning about pitch and volume, and what factors can affect them. Children will be given the opportunity to play a range of different instruments and even create their own!



In English, we will be focussing on the book ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’, and will be doing lots of exciting writing based on this story. Children will be writing letters as well as creating a second episode to this fantastic story! A further focus for Year 3/4 this term is grammar and punctuation, so we will be doing some fun activities to improve our writing.


Alongside our Spiderwick Chronicles learning, children will be using their DT skills to create a home for a mythical creature. Children will have to use their new found knowledge about different structures, joins and animal habitats to make sure their home is suitable for their creature.


In Maths, children will be identifying and classifying 2D and 3D shapes, looking at different types of measurement and learning to correctly tell the time. Children will be applying all of these to real life situations. Children will also be looking at how to code in computing lessons, and will explore different input and output techniques that can be used.


Year 3 and 4 teachers are very excited about our visit to Magna Science Museum on Thursday 2nd February, where children will attend a workshop to extend their knowledge on sound!


f you have any questions, please contact your child’s class teacher.

Autumn Term 2

We hope you all had a fantastic half term and enjoyed your spooky Halloween weekend!


This half term years 3 and 4 will be learning all about:

How can I become a retail expert?





We will start our learning looking at some research into food packaging and food tasting all about biscuits. Children will be researching the different ways that products can be packaged. They will need to think about the function of their packaging e.g waterproof, protection. The children will then design and create their own packaging to carry and protect their product, a gingerbread man. Once complete the children will evaluate the effectiveness of their packaging and think of ways that they could have improved it further. 

Children will be using maps to locate countries around the world. Investigating where food comes from and how it gets to our local shops.   

In Science children will be looking at a range of materials and their uses. The children will have the opportunity to explore the materials and decide which is best suited to the job. The children will also be putting their scientific skills to the test by conducting a range of experiments. They will need to plan, set up, carry out and conclude their findings in scientific ways.

In Maths, children will continue to secure their understanding of basic skills and reinforce their use of calculation methods in all four operations. We plan to link our learning to the topic by looking at handling data and how to use graphs in real life contexts. We will also be exploring money and looking at how to make a profit, budgeting and negative numbers. Children will also be learning how to tell the time and be able to work out opening and closing times for local stores.

In literacy, Year 3 and 4 will focus on traditional fairy tales such as; The Gingerbread man and Hansel and Gretel. They will explore the structures and create their own versions with twists on the originals. We plan to look into advertisements and help the children create their own adverts for their food products that they will produce during this half term. In addition, we will be retelling the Nativity story in preparation for Christmas.



We plan to visit local shops around our area for research and shopping skills. If you have any questions, please speak to your child’s class teacher. We hope this half term will be as enjoyable as the last half term!



Autumn 1


Welcome to Year 3/4!

We hope you had a great summer holiday and are ready for another fantastic year at Swarcliffe Primary School.

Why visit America?

Over this half term we will be looking at the different states and landmarks in America, and explore why people choose to holiday in America.


We will focus on a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts linked to America. Children will be researching facts about America safely on the internet and writing their own non-chronological reports using the information they have found. As before, spelling and grammar are a key part of our English lessons. We also encourage children to read as much as possible at home and in school.


We will be focussing on key mathematical skills, including the written methods for all four calculation methods. To link to our topic, we will learn about the time differences between the United States of America and the UK, as well as other countries. We will also look at the difference between American dollars and the British pound.


In Science we will be exploring electricity; identifying common electrical appliances and even investigation the use of switches, buzzers in our own scientific experiments.  In Geography lessons we will be locating America and the different states using maps and atlases. We will study the similarities and differences between specific American states and our local area.



This term will teach children about the different faiths linked to our local community through stories. We will link different faiths through festivals, celebrations and pilgrimages. Children will investigate festivals and stories linked to the Native Americans.


PE will continue to take place on Friday’s with the coaches. Please remember that children will need the correct PE kit to be able to participate in sports with the coaches. Leopard’s class will swim on Monday afternoons whereas Lion’s and Tiger’s classes will swim on Friday mornings.

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