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Phase 3/4

Autumn 2

How can I become a retail expert?


Welcome back! We hope you are all ready to learn about our exciting new topic. This half term we are basing our learning around retail. There are many fantastic learning opportunities to concentrate on. The first week of term we thought of questions about retail that we would like to find out by the end of this half term. Hopefully what we have planned will answer them!


In science, the children will be carrying out a wide range of experiments in order to compare and group materials together. They will be learning about the different states of materials and what is needed in order to change a material from one state to another. Children will be observing the changes and discussing what has happened and how it has changed. 


During numeracy children will continue to build on their calculation strategies by looking at multiplication and division. Children will have many practical opportunities to practise these methods. The children will be looking at key vocabulary and how to apply this to word problems. We will begin by looking at our times tables (up to 12 times) and using these to completes sequences.


Throughout this topic children will be introduced to a wide range of texts. We will start by looking at a variety of fairy tales and discussing the key features and structure. The children will also have the opportunity to write their alternative ending to Hansel and Gretel. This half term the children will be designing their very own ‘Harry Potter’ style chocolate and using persuasive language to create an advert for their own creation.



The children will be looking at a variety of different types of packaging and discussing the information displayed. We will also be using our mathematical knowledge to discuss the shapes of packaging and dissecting it to look closely at the net. The children will also be able to design, develop and make their own packaging using a variety of different materials. During this, we will be discussing how to make the packaging look appealing to customers so that they would want to purchase the product.


During our DT lessons children will be designing and making their own gingerbread men. In order to do this the children will be using the internet and search engines to online shop for their ingredients. Children will also be using search engines to search for deals and offers too in order to find the best value for their money.

Autumn 2 Phase Newsletter

Autumn 1

Welcome to Year 3/4!

 We hope you had a great summer holiday and are ready for another fantastic year at Swarcliffe Primary School.





Our topic for this term is ‘Why visit America?’

Over this half term we will be looking at the different states and landmarks in America, and explore why people choose to holiday in America.

In our English lessons we will focus on a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts linked to America. Children will be researching facts about America safely on the internet and writing their own non-chronological reports using the information they have found. As before, spelling and grammar are a key part of our English lessons. We also encourage children to read as much as possible at home and in school.

In Maths lessons we will be focussing on key mathematical skills, including the written methods for all four calculation methods. To link to our topic, we will learn about the time differences between the United States of America, the UK and a range of other countries. We will also look at the difference between American dollars and the British pound.

In Science we will be exploring electricity; identifying common electrical appliances and even investigation the use of switches, buzzers in our own scientific experiments.  In Geography lessons we will be locating America and the different states using maps and atlases. We will study the similarities and differences between specific American states and our local area.

Our RE lessons this term will teach children about the different faiths linked to our local community through stories. We will link different faiths through festivals, celebrations and pilgrimages. Children will investigate festivals and stories linked to the Native Americans.

PE will continue to take place on Friday’s with the coaches. Please remember that children will need the correct PE kit to be able to participate in sports with the coaches. This term Tiger's will be swimming on a Wednesday afternoon and will need a swimming costume and a towel. 

Welcome to Phase 3/4 September 2017