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Summer 2 – Where can we travel to?

We cannot believe that it is the final half term to this school year! Everybody has worked so hard this year – well done!

Not only did we have a school trip last half term, we also have one in a few weeks to The National Railway Museum. Koala class will be attending on Tuesday 4th July, Raccoon class Wednesday 5th July and Meerkat class on Thursday 6th July. Pictures from these trips will be placed on the website. Look out for them! 



This half term, the children will have many writing opportunities. We will mainly be looking at developing our skills in narrative writing. Children will be focusing on the book ‘Flat Stanley’ and using this to inspire their writing. Flat Stanley is a fictional character who travels around the world whilst taking part in many exciting adventures.



The children will also have the opportunity to create their own example on a non-chronological report. It will be safe to say we will be transport experts by the end of this half term!


There are many opportunities this half term for children to revise their learning from the year so far. We will also be using our topic to collect and interpret data, children will be learning to present their data in a variety of ways.

We will also be returning to look at handling money. Children will be given lots of practical opportunities to use money and also make different totals. Children will be taught the basic skills of using money in everyday life.

During science lessons we will investigate which materials are suitable for different jobs. Pupils will also  investigate floating, flying and sinking. 

In geography, we will learning to locate common holiday destinations in Europe.  Children will be enhancing their geographical skills by learning directional language. They will be also becoming more familiar with the different climates across the world and learning which are hot and cold countries. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher or school.






Science Fortnight

It has been an exciting couple of weeks in school because of the science fortnight. We have very much enjoyed conducting and learning from lots of fun and exciting experiments.


It all started with Harry the science boffin coming into school, he demonstrated some amazing experiments for KS1. “Our favourite experiment was when Harry made elephants toothpaste!”


Our first experiment was ‘Which temperature of hot chocolate melted the marshmallows in the quickest time?’ We found out that the hotter the hot chocolate the quicker the marshmallow melted.




For our next experiment we wondered ‘which bottle filled with different amounts of vinegar would react to blow up the balloon the most?’ Like true science boffins, we made a prediction. We then tested this as a class. Our result was the more vinegar in the bottle, the bigger the chemical reaction with the baking powder was and the larger the balloon got.


As well as all of these fun experiments, we have also been focusing on how to keep our bodies healthy. First, we learnt about the about the parts of the human body and then we linked the body parts to our senses. We tasted, smelt, felt and looked at different types of fruit. 




We found another way of keeping healthy was good hygiene. We all learnt how to clean our teeth, we even got to take our own toothbrush home! 



We have learnt so much during science fortnight, we hope you enjoy looking at our pictures!






Summer 2 Newsletter

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