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Homework 21.04.17

Why do insects like flowers?


Welcome back! We hope you are all had a well deserved Easter break and are ready to learn about our exciting new topic. This half term we are focusing on plants and flowers. There are many stimulating learning opportunities to concentrate on. We have started our topic by thinking of questions that we want to find out by the end of this half term. Hopefully what we have in store will answer them!


Within our literacy lessons, children will be enjoying a range of books linked to mini beasts. We will be focusing on non- fiction books and using the information to create fantastic fact files all about mini beasts. It will be safe to say that the children will be experts on insects by the end of this half term.


Science will be a huge focus this half term. Children will be investigating a variety of common and wild plants. Children will also be given the opportunity to learn about living and non-living and also the food chains of different animals. During this topic children will learn all about the habitats of different insects and to ensure children understand habitats, we will be creating our very own bug hotel here in school!



In numeracy children will have lots of opportunities for practical learning. Children will have the opportunity to learn about measurements and will be using their learning to measure different plants. The children will also learn about handling data, this will link to their observational skills in geography. We will be returning to look at capacity in maths, children will have the opportunity to measure how much water they need to feed their plants.


The children will be studying three main artists this half term. These are Vincent Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keefe and Andy Warhol. They will be describing the similarities and differences between their works. The children will also have the opportunity to improve their art skills using lines, colour, texture, shape, form and patterns.






Science Fortnight

It has been an exciting couple of weeks in school because of the science fortnight. We have very much enjoyed conducting and learning from lots of fun and exciting experiments.


It all started with Harry the science boffin coming into school, he demonstrated some amazing experiments for KS1. “Our favourite experiment was when Harry made elephants toothpaste!”


Our first experiment was ‘Which temperature of hot chocolate melted the marshmallows in the quickest time?’ We found out that the hotter the hot chocolate the quicker the marshmallow melted.




For our next experiment we wondered ‘which bottle filled with different amounts of vinegar would react to blow up the balloon the most?’ Like true science boffins, we made a prediction. We then tested this as a class. Our result was the more vinegar in the bottle, the bigger the chemical reaction with the baking powder was and the larger the balloon got.


As well as all of these fun experiments, we have also been focusing on how to keep our bodies healthy. First, we learnt about the about the parts of the human body and then we linked the body parts to our senses. We tasted, smelt, felt and looked at different types of fruit. 




We found another way of keeping healthy was good hygiene. We all learnt how to clean our teeth, we even got to take our own toothbrush home! 



We have learnt so much during science fortnight, we hope you enjoy looking at our pictures!






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