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Work of work day

KS2 pupils joined KS1 on Friday 17th November as part of their World of Work Day. Older children took on the roles of teachers and support staff to have the chance to experience what the world of work is actually like.

They did a fantastic job in marking some books, teaching and supporting groups of children – they were even dressed the part! Thank you for your help.  




Anti-bullying Week

This week has been anti-bullying week. In KS1 we have been very lucky to have had the Story Magic theatre company in to perform the anti-bullying play, ‘Oh no it isn’t, oh yes it is.’

Pupils had the chance to watch a play that looked at what bullying is. They then had the opportunity to discuss different scenes and say if they thought they were examples of bullying or not.

The children absolutely loved joining in and learnt important messages about bullying in a fun and exciting way.  





Year 2 Mystery Writing Competition


As part of the Leeds School Library Reading for Pleasure program, some pupils in Year 2 have been selected to work with Miss Bratby to read an exciting five chapter weekly seaside adventure story set in Scarborough, by Yorkshire author Saviour Pirotta.  Each week pupils read the chapters and then completed different learning activities.

This story was then used as inspiration to create their very own mystery stories to enter a writing competition with the chance for Saviour Pirotta to visit our school.

Mrs Hill and Mrs Green read through the entries and made the difficult decision to send Elisa Jaza and Chloe Gibson’s story. They loved the plot and the use of interesting language.   

We will find out on the 17th of November if our entry has been successful!!! Fingers crossed.

Why not have a read and see what you think.

Autumn 2

Welcome back after a lovely autumn break.

This half term our topic is ….

‘Why do people celebrate with fireworks?’

Over the half term we will be finding out about bonfire night and why bonfire night happens. We will be looking into the story of the Gunpowder Plot in our history and literacy lessons. We will be focusing on finding information from fiction and non-fiction books so that the children will become more familiar with the genres.


In Numeracy children will be looking at counting in ones, twos, fives and tens. We will be making sure we know one, two and ten more and less than any number up to 100. The children will continue to develop their addition and subtraction skills and find fractions of objects and numbers. We will also be having a big push on writing numbers and number formation.


In our Geography sessions, children will be studying the capital of England. We will be finding London on the UK map and looking at the key landmarks. This will link in with our work on the Guy Fawkes where children will write key facts about Guy Fawkes and then order the events of ‘The Gunpowder Plot’.

In science children will be focusing on lights and sounds and animals habitats. There will be a variety of exciting experiments for the children to compete and a lot of investigation work.

As well as all of the work the children will be doing around our fireworks topic. We will also have lots of exciting Christmas activities including a pantomime and our Christmas carousel day.

Starting to understand bar modelling

When solving missing number problems, we have been using the bar modelling approach. This means that we have used concrete objects to help us understand a calculation. Here some children have used Numicon to help them solve missing values – it worked really well and helped our understanding.



Marvellous Minutes

During marvellous minutes pupils in KS1 have been taking part in lots of different science experiments. Here are a few of our photographs.


Year 1 pupils have had so much fun learning to ride their bikes this week. We wanted to say a BIG thank you to Phil Taylor for his fantastic work with us. 

Autumn 1


Welcome to Year 1/2!

We hope you have had a fantastic summer holiday and are ready for another great year at Swarcliffe Primary.


Our first topic of the year is…

‘Why do pirates wear eyepatches?’


Over the half term we will be finding out lots of interesting pirate facts! We will use our geography skills to locate the different continents and oceans on a map, and learn compass directions that real pirates would have used. Captain Cook is our important person of the topic and we will be finding out all about his amazing adventures.


We will be focussing on the story ‘Pirates Love Underpants’ in guided reading and English, and will use this story to support our writing. In maths sessions will we be focussing on place value so that we can develop an amazing understanding of number.


We will be combining our science and DT lessons to find out about materials that will float and sink. Can we design and make boats fit for a pirate?


There will be a pirate day on Tuesday 19th September, where children will be taking part in lots of fun, pirate activities! Children are welcome to come to school in pirate costumes - we can’t wait to see them!


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school or your child’s class teacher.



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