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The children in year one have had a brilliant week! They have all been learning to ride a bicycle. The bikes that they have been using are specially designed to help their balance, it has been amazing to see the children grow with confidence as their balance becomes sturdier. This is all thanks to Phil, the fantastic instructor. You can see more of the photos on the class gallery page. 




Last week, Year 1/2 were invited to a Nick Sharratt exhibition at Leeds Library. We learnt all about Nick's life and how he came up with the ideas for his amazing books. We loved dressing up as some of his most famous characters! Take a look at some of our fun snaps!


We also got a visit from a Dinosaur expert who brought in lots of fascinating fossils for us to look at and hold. She told us lots of interesting facts about different dinosaurs, and then we watched a 3D film all about the Jurassic era.

Autumn One


Welcome back Key Stage One! We hope you had a lovely, relaxing summer and are ready to join us in our exciting new topic. Have a look at these clues before scrolling down to see what we will be learning about in the first half term back…

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Can you guess our new topic?


What wiped out the dinosaurs?


Over this half term we will be answering this question in all of our learning. We will also learn lots of interesting facts about dinosaurs.

Literacy: Children will be enjoying a range of dinosaur stories this half term. We will be learning all about the Dinosaur Chase and thinking of amazing adjectives to describe the different dinosaurs in the book. We will also be doing lots of work on our sentence types, particularly 2a sentences, 4a sentences and BOYS sentences.

Numeracy: Children will spend the first couple of weeks looking at the basics of number including: counting on and back; ordering numbers and place value. We will also look at different practical methods to help us solve addition and subtraction questions.

Science: Children will be looking at dinosaur skeletons and grouping animals. We will also learn which dinosaurs loved to eat plants, meat – or both!! Children will compare the skeletons of dinosaurs to that of humans and other common animals.


History: Children will find out all about different dinosaurs! We will look at when and how the dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. Children will create their own dinosaur worlds in the small world area. We will compare dinosaurs and talk about how crocodiles and alligators have evolved from them!

Art: Children will be looking at dinosaur skeletons and using different mediums of art to create a picture of their favourite dinosaurs.

Music: Children will create dinosaur movements to accompany music. We will think about how we can move our bodies – just like dinosaurs! We will experiment with sounds and compose our own music.

RE / PSHCE / Citizenship: Throughout this learning unit, children will think about new beginnings as we start our new year of learning. We will talk about our targets for the year and things we would like to achieve. In RE we will be learning about why stories are important and which books are special to religious groups.


We are lucky to have The Dinosaur Dome visit our school, on the 26th September. They are a mobile planetarium which will provide dinosaur shows to stimulate children’s minds. KS1 will also be going on a trip to Leeds Library to take part in workshops with the author Nick Sharratt.


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