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Foundation Stage

   We love science!


Keep an eye out for more pictures of our experiments that we will add every week.


Pencils in water – We got a bag and made holes in it by pushing pencils through it. We then poured water into the bag to see if the water would leak out of the holes. Guess what…the water didn’t leak as long as the pencils stayed in the holes!



Fruit Volcanos – We made fruit volcanos by adding food colouring, bicarbonate of soda, washing up liquid and vinegar to citrus fruits. We observed the eruptions very carefully. We also found out that when blue and yellow mix together it makes green.


Dancing Balloons - Last week we had so much fun making balloons dance. We used a fan, a paper tube and lots of balloons. We made prediction as to how many balloons we could make dance at once.









Ice Cream in a bag - We made ice-cream in a bag. It was so delicious. We had to shake the bag for 15 minutes and our arms got so tired!








Walking on eggs – we walked on eggs to see if they would crack and guess what…they didn’t!!



Skittles – we put skittles around the edge of a plate and poured water in the middle. Look at the patterns they created?




The bubble experiment – Wow we made a giant human bubble!